Did you know that for the same amount of RAM and ROM, there is a difference of about 5k in the price of Oppo Reno 6 Pro and OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphones in India? Well, even when these midrange-flagship smartphones share many similar features, there are considerable differences as well.

Talking about similarities, the most common element is the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 octa-core chipset that is octa-core in structure and clocked at 3GHz. …

Do you still believe that the weight of your pet shows how much you love it? Well, gone are days when this was an assertion from the pet owners when someone complained of their pet being overweight or obese. Nowadays, your pets need to comply with the rules of weight for a pet, as per their body measurements.

If they do not do so, they could be in huge trouble and any troubles to pets are definitely direct trouble to the pet owners. …

Isn’t it really confusing when you have two equally good sweets in front of you but you need to choose only one of them? And this is the time when you start finding advantages of one of the sweets over the other, also taking into account the size of each.

It’s a similar situation when there are so many smartphones in the market with equal prices and almost similar specifications and you need to pick anyone. …

It doesn’t happen every single day that there are 2 smartphones in the market from 2 different brands with similar specs, competing at around the same price range and looking to get attention.

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G and Poco F3 GT are 2 of the newest smartphones in India which have been launched with a MediaTek Dimensity 1200 5G chipset and these are available at around the same cost with slight difference. While you are looking to get any of these devices, you might wish to know the differences between the two smartphones.

Here are some of the differences…

What is the extent of competition in the smartphone market these days? Well, now there are about 4 different smartphones from different brand with the same specifications and almost same pricing, and you need to choose the one that appears the best out of a little bit of difference.

While the smartphone market already saw 3 good smartphones with MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset, the 4th one too just hit the market and for a change, this is not from the house of BBK Electronics, but from Xiaomi — the second largest smartphone brand in the world.

So the new device…

I recently saw a post on social media, and it said that “Money cannot buy happiness for you, but it’s better to cry in a BMW than crying on a normal motorcycle.” Well, this literally means that even if you cannot get happiness in life, you should have money at least to hide your pain and grief.

Well, now coming to our question, what do you think? Can money buy happiness for you in your life? And I think I would get some diplomatic answers from people who may say that money can buy happiness, but not on all occasions.

“He is a Man, He Must Have ENJOYED it.”, “How Can a Man be ever SEXUALLY EXPLOITED?”, “You Must be Joking, A Man Can Never Feel Bad About PHYSICAL RELATIONS.” Do you often hear these things when a male lodges a complaint about being physically exploited?

Well, we live in a society where we talk about equal rights for men and women and it’s really important as well. …

What amount of money do you think is Enough Money? Well, even if you own all the money that ever existed and exists, you would never say that it is enough because money is the thing that the less the people have, the more they want it. And the more they have it, the more they want it.

So there is hardly any limit to the amount of money that people wish to have.

But do you know that Money can be one of the most determining factors in the kind of life you lead and the way you behave…

While Xiaomi has seen a huge 83 percent growth in its yearly market share to displace Apple from the second place among the biggest global smartphone brands, I think the danger bells in the house of Samsung would have already run.

Xiaomi defeated Apple and bagged the second spot among smartphone brands with the most market share, while Samsung is still leading the race.

However, the difference between Samsung and Xiaomi is not too much now and if Xiaomi keeps growing at this pace, it would definitely end up being the table topper. …

Tecno launched its Camon 17 series some time ago in India and it has 2 really good devices in the mid-range segment. Out of these, Tecno Camon 17 is the lower variant with some really powerful specifications and here is a sneak peek of what Tecno Camon 17 has bought for the buyers:

Specifications of Tecno Camon 17:

· Tecno Camon 17 comes with a 6.6-inch IPS LCD display and has 720p display resolution with 90Hz display refresh rate. It has a punch-hole notch in front for the front camera and a powerful 83.6 percent screen-to-body ratio.

· The smartphone…

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Tech Lover, traveller and a passionate writer.

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