If you are a business owner, people would tell you many ways of being successful in your business. But did you ever read something known as the ethics of running a business. Well, your business could see a profit or loss and you would know that this is a part of the same.

However, if you lose your ethics, you would never be a trusted businessperson. So here are some ethics of running a business that make you a better person:

· Whether you are a new businessperson or operating for ages, the very first thing you need to keep…

At some point in life, you would feel that what your parents told you about life is actually true. The life that appeared so easy when you were a kid and under your parent’s umbrella suddenly becomes tough when you hold an umbrella of your own and start supporting people under your umbrella.

So here I have compiled some of the important rules in life that people usually learn very late:

Eating Healthy is Very Important:

It isn’t a surprise that 10-year-olds suddenly get diabetic and pre-school children start wearing glasses. If you look at the facts, these body troubles…

I hope you read my previous post on Poco M2 Reloaded and how Poco brought this smartphone disguised as Reloaded. We also saw the changes that the brand brought about in the device and it contains all the features that are necessary for the budget buyers.

But do you think the smartphone is a perfect all-rounder at its cost? Well, let us see the major Pros and Cons of the smartphone to get a better idea:

Pros of Poco M2 Reloaded:

1- This smartphone is a performance beast. App opening time is really quick and all the apps work really…

Realme C25 was launched in India some time ago and this is again a budget devices with some of the features being really powerful. However, amidst the huge heap of smartphones, Realme has added some of its own devices with features that stand out amidst the crowd.

Here are some of the major features of Realme C25 that you should know before making up your mind to buy it:

· Realme C25 is a budget segment device that occurs with a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display and a display resolution of 720p. It has about 81.7% …

There was a time when children used to obey almost all that their parents would tell them. And then came technology that somewhat separated the parents and the kids. No wonder they live in the same home but now they talk to each other on digital messengers and social media apps, rather than a one-to-one talk.

In the process, many parents believe that they already lost their relationship with their children, thanks to the gifts of technology and the digital screens.

As a parent, do you too feel that you and your kids talk less and there is a virtual…

Some years ago, I hardly liked anything good that my parents said. Whether while studying or while eating, I always thought that I was right, and my parents knew nothing. Later, I grew up and found that most of what my parents said was right.

However, not everything they said is agreeable and as a parent, I think you should really not do some things which hold no value currently. These are as follows:

• Do not motivate your kids by comparing them with other kids. Even as a grown-up person, I think this is a sort of demotivation and…

Do you think getting more money than you currently earn would make you financially stable? Sorry to say but even when you get all the money in the world, you cannot guarantee financial stability because to have financial stability, you need to learn how to tame money, instead of how to earn money.

So here I have brought the top 5 rules that can really help you gain financial stability, no matter how much you earn:

RULE 1: Save More Than You Spend

Spending money is the easiest job to do in the world and saving it is one of…

Amidst the flood of devices in the budget segment, even Vivo has contributed its bit and now you have the new Vivo V21 5G in India which is about to go on a sale very soon. But do you think this smartphone is worth the price?

Let us check out the specifications of this smartphone to know its features better:

• Vivo V21 5G comes with a 6.44-inch AMOLED display that is powered by features such as HDR10+ support and 90Hz display refresh rate. The smartphone has almost 85 percent screen to body ratio and 1080p display resolution.

• The…

After staying quite for a couple of weeks, Infinix has yet again entered the Indian smartphone market with Infinix Hot 10 Play as its latest product. Well, if you check the features on paper, it might appear something ordinary, but the powerful features of the device are good enough to impress the users at a low cost.

Here are some of the smartest features of the device that you really need to know:

Multipurpose Fingerprint Sensor

The device has a multipurpose fingerprint sensor and this the best thing that I like about it. The fingerprint scanner can be used to…

When it comes to overthinking, most people imagine orating pretty well in front of millions of people. However, in real life, most of these people would have butterflies in their stomach when about to speak even in front of 10 unknown people, forget thousands.

Are you too the one who wishes to speak in front of a lot of people, but dread trembling feet and those monstrous butterflies in your stomach? Well, here are some really useful tips that you help you in the process:

· Could be a millionth time you must be hearing it, but practice is the…

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