A Fresher’s Guide to PUBG- Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readNov 3, 2018

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online Battle Royale game developed by Brenden Greene in collaboration with Bluehole Studios.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game is published by Tencent Games and is available for Android and iOS (i.e., iPhone). You can download the Android version on Google Play and the iOS version on the Apple App Store.

PUBG Mobile Requirements

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is an immersive online game, so one needs a good internet connection to play, it can be Wi-Fi or a mobile network. It works great with high-end processor phones but might see some occasional lags in mid-tier mobiles.

The Basics

Battle Royale basically means a last-man standing death match between all the players in a battleground simulator- much like The Hunger Games where you start with nothing and have to scavenge and collect weapons, equipments, first aid kits, energy drinks for survival. It starts with 100 players on an 8 x 8 km island and the last player standing on the island wins the game and a free chicken dinner!

There are three modes of play: Solo, Duo and Squad. The latter lets you team up with three other players for a team of four. Each is a little different with various pros and cons, the big proof team play being that has people to support you, revive you and bring an element of co-operative tactics to the game.

The game starts with parachuting onto the game island. On landing, the mission is to gather everything to help one win. From clothes to a wide range of weapons along with modifications for those weapons are available.

The island is an amalgamation of urban and rural settings, detailed in the map in the top right-hand corner of the game, and the full area is initially playable, but the play areas decrease in size as time progresses.

This forces the players closer together with constantly decreasing circles, those left outside the safe play space will start to take damage and eventually die. The game reaches its climax when the last few players are compressed down into a small space and one player or team emerges as the winner.

Each game can last up to about 30 minutes if you’re one of the last standing. Of course, you can die almost as soon as you’re on the ground.

PUBG Mobile controls

The Mobile game provides the same gameplay elements as the PC and Xbox game but uses on-screen controls. These can be customised for a number of different layouts and elements to suit the size of your device or preferences.

You can also change the controls for driving vehicles in the game, of which there are a number of options.

The gameplay is surprisingly good and smooth, although there’s an advantage for those with bigger displays and more powerful phones. There are three graphics settings you can use and the game will automatically select one. It’s advisable to close down everything else, turn up the brightness and volume for the best experience.

How much does PUBG Mobile cost?

The game itself is free to download and free to play. There is a rewards system within the game that will let you earn coins for your participation and completing various challenges such as, log in every day, travel a particular distance or survive a particular length of time.

These coins can then be used to buy items in the game — like clothing. Otherwise, you have to collect the clothing in the game and you start in your underwear.

Excessive battery drain is to be expected. Not only is this a demanding game graphically, but it needs the display on all the time and that persistent connection. If you can’t play plugged in, then consider getting yourself an external battery pack.



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