A Review of India’s Run in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19 issues, Tokyo hosted the Olympics in 2021 and as usual, China, the USA, Japan, and Australia were the top few nations in the tally of the medal holders in the world. Well, this is nothing unusual, but if you look at the performance of the Indian athletes, it was surely a bag of mixed emotions.

However, the way the Indian audience cheered the Athletes in Tokyo was something really commendable and this is the major reason why some of even the newest athletes in the world were able to earn a lot of popularity.

If you look at the performance of the Indian hockey team, both men and women teams did exceptionally against their last few performances in the olympics. Winning a bronze is not at all bad and much better than just winning hearts. If you look at the shuttlers, while most of them were not really able to do well, PV Sindhu once again grabbed a medal and became the first Indian woman to win 2 Olympic medals.

Besides, the courage shown by the boxers and the wrestlers was also something amazing and we can’t forget how Mirabai Chanu offered the initial happiness by winning a silver medal in weightlifting. When you see such performances, you definitely wish the athletes to do better in the future and keep up the performances.

However, are we really contributing to this tally of medals? Well, most of us are not and if the Indian team is so down in the tally of medals, it’s probably the fault of the Indians and their mindset. In the age when the parents want their children to be just doctors and engineers, how can we expect the children to be medalists? I think the Indians need to reconsider their emotions and teach their kids to work hard in whatever they do instead of deciding the direction for them. Not everyone wants to be an engineer and it’s the utter wishes of these parents that have led to the opening of many fake Engineering colleges in India.

If we still do not take lessons from this Olympics tally, India would continue to be a developing nation ever.



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Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar


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