Are You Learning From Your Failures?

The wisest men on earth have said that success is a lousy teacher and whatever you learn in life is all because of your failure and hardly anything because of your success. However, just as teachers offer lectures for hours in class and still the students are blank at the end of the day, no matter what the failures teach you, if you are not ready to learn anything, you can never do well in your life.

Therefore, it is important to learn from your failures, and here are some of the ways that you can do it:

  • Many unfavorable incidents happen every single day but not every single day is bad for you. These incidents try to teach a lot of things, but people mostly forget about them the next day. To make sure you remember them, do start writing a journal/diary. Just write your feelings about the incident that happened and think about the ways that you could have used to come out of it better. And if next time any such things happen, you would have several ways to save yourself.
  • Failed relationships are yet another thing that people experience and they are ready to make the same mistakes again. Well, if you do not wish to suffer that pain and agony of a failed relationship again, the first thing to do is to never patch up with the same person again. If you could experience it once, you can experience it again. And next time when you are in such relationships, make sure you do not repeat the mistakes you did the last time.
  • Do not talk about your failures to anybody other than your parents. It’s your parents who would offer you the right advice after a failure and even your siblings are not fit enough to discuss anything like this. Rather, most people make fun of your failures and are rather happy. So try to come out of failures all yourself because if it’s your fight, no one can fight it for you better than you.

And most importantly, pay heed to the mistakes you make in your life. If it happens once, it’s a mistake, if it happens again, it’s a blunder. And even when you can fail several times in life, failing again and again with the same mistakes is surely a sign of a fool.

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