Best Features of MediaTek Dimensity 1050 Chipset

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readOct 15, 2022


In its latest outing, MediaTek has come up with the extra powerful Dimensity 1050 chipset. As newly launched 5G has come into being MediaTek’s, 1050 chipset ensures the fastest performance with minimal latency to an ever-expanding set of customers.

The Dimensity 1050 chipset is equipped with 5G Frequency Range 1 (FR1) that consists of Sub-6 GHz frequency bands along with 5G Frequency Range 2 (FR2) that embodies operational frequencies across the mmWave region. Dimensity 1050 is one of the best chipsets to enhance gaming experiences, capturing incredible videos, along with quite a few other upgrades.

What are The Perks of MediaTek Dimensity 1050?

MediaTek chipsets are renowned to facilitate their customers with powerful features at a feasible price. Let’s skim through the following perks about why device makers should get their hands on the latest MediaTek Dimensity 1050.

a) Immaculate 5G Experience

One of the reasons to turn to MediaTek Dimensity 1050 is to experience the smooth 5G network which has recently launched in India. The chipset is said to flawlessly switch between long-reach sub GHz and super fast mmWave connections. The chipset is guaranteed to render up to 53% faster speed as compared to other chipsets.

b) Crystal Clear Pictures and Videos

Following its predecessor, MediaTek Dimensity 1050 comes with the Imagiq 760 HDR-ISP that is equipped with a dual HDR video capture engine that allows people to use both cameras at the same time which makes it a unique experience in itself. The best part is the chipset supports a multi-camera that goes up to 108MP.

c) Unbelievable Gaming Experience

MediaTek understands how significant gaming is for buyers and that’s why the Dimensity 1050 is equipped with MediaTek’s HyperEngine 5.0 which accentuates the gaming experience like never before. In an age of 5G networks, the Dimensity chipset is an undeniable boon for hardcore gamers as it comes with low latency and Wi-Fi connections that are teamed up with multi-network balancing, and stable resource management that heightens the Frame Per Second (FPS) while sustaining the battery life.

d) Lightning Fast Wi-Fi Network

The introduction of 5G ensures that no lag in the connectivity would be allowed and that’s exactly why, Mediatek’s Dimensity 1050 comes with an in-built with the latest Wi-Fi 6E that allows the customers to use the latest tri-band (2.4GHz, 5GHz, 6GHz) connectivity for faster and low-latency network connections.

e) Extra Power Efficient

Unlike other popular chipsets, Dimensity 1050 chipset is equipped with Mediatek’s Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) 550 that minimises power consumption as a result of which it maximises the battery life. The latest chipset also assures lower latency and increased power efficiency due to the advancements in the multi-tasking scheduler.


Choosing the right chipset for smartphones is not an easy business. It’s important to determine numerous factors for the customers to get their hands on the chipsets to maximise the benefits at a viable price. Mediatek’s latest Dimensity 1050 promises to harbour all the features that are required for an advanced 5G chipset. Browse through the aforementioned perks to make the best choice.



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