Best Features of MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ Chipset

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4 min readOct 15, 2022


Presenting the latest MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ with the latest features

Bored of old technologies and features?

Here’s the latest technology of MediaTek Dimensity 9000+, all set up for you, with its 13 best features.

What makes it unique?

  • 4nm-class high-potential smartphone chips
  • Race up: the faster the better
  • A hyped-clocked graphics engine
  • Big Data Caches
  • 3x camera with a parallel HDR video recording
  • HyperEngine 5.0
  • MediaTek APU 590
  • MediaTek quick-witted display 2.0
  • Enduring 5G with super upload
  • Enhancing sub-6GHz performance
  • Multimode: Dual Sim Dual Active
  • Wi-Fi 6E 2x2 (BW160)
  • Superb for low latency earbuds

4nm-Class High-Potential Smartphone Chips

MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ continues with its standard set of Dimensity 9000 using the leading-edge TMSC N4 (4nm-class) chip-making process to shield prodigious power efficiency.

Race up: The Faster The Better

The fastest CPU initiated in a smartphone chip that includes Cortex-X2 CPU, Clocked at 3.2GHz, initiated an ultimate performance for gaming and making it up to the mark for the best response for all demanding apps.

A Hyped-Clocked Graphics Engine

The all-new, leveled-up Dimensity 9000+ is prepared with a faster Mali-G710 graphics engine to provide the best gaming performance ever.

Big Data Caches

. 8MB of CPU L3 cache for all types of Processors.

. Mali-G710 MC10 graphics engine assisted by a GPU cache.

. APU cache in the APU 590.

. System Cache of 6MB.

3x Camera with a Parallel HDR Video Recording

Get the best pictures with the strength of three different exposure at different EVs for every frame. The leading 18-bit HDR-ISP design facilitates the user to capture HDR video on three cameras parallelly.

HyperEngine 5.0

The advanced MediaTek’s 5th generation HyperEngine game technology is AI-enhanced variable rate shading technology, that improvises more power efficiency, and a ray tracing SDK using Vulkan for Android that permits the developers to initiate the best level of visuals in their games.

MediaTek APU 590

The latest, designed 5th generation AI Processor allows acquiring the utmost effective performance in all the embedded features from AI multimedia, camera, and social video experience, gaming, and capitulate up to 4x power efficiency. This enables the best partnership between AI Processor and all other processing units to enhance the best user experience.

MediaTek Quick-Witted Display 2.0

MediaTek’s Intelligent Display 2.0 is well-curated to increase power efficiency with higher refresh rates when required ensuring that the buyers get a smooth viewing experience during intense action or when needed most during responsive scenarios.

This also optimizes the frame timing providing the immediate GPU-to-display pipeline ever, automatically getting rid of inter-frame latency as the refreshing rates keep on changing making sure that millisecond reaction times make the difference.

Enduring 5G with Super Upload

MediaTek is the first chip designer to launch the latest standard governing cellular connectivity 3GPP-Release-16 Standard 5G Modem. This Dimensity 9000+ future-proof 5G modem allows “Super Upload” (SUL) and 5G-NR uplinks with carrier aggregation (CA) improvising the uploading speed.

Enhancing sub-6GHz Performance

With the excellent download performance of 7Gbps on tap, the Dimensity 9000+ avails peak performance outcomes from “everywhere available” sub-6GHz connectivity. The advanced carrier aggregation leads to an increment of average performance from the inner city to the suburbs and specifically in the cellular markets with non-contagious 5G bands.

Multimode: Dual Sim Dual Active

Making the multi-tasking phone reliable with MediaTek since 2008; MediaTek was the first to introduce leadership in dual sim technology. This multimode: dual sim dual active enables the user to get both 4G and 5G connections active at the same time, upgrading the smartphone to truly become a partner in real-time.

Wi-Fi 6E 2x2 (BW160)

The new advantages of Dimensity 9000+ address the latest 6GHz band and maximum 160MHz of transmission capacity that standard Wi-fi 6E allows for providing the best performance.

Superb for low latency earbuds

The new features in Bluetooth 5.3 provide lower-latency earbuds links that improvise the quality of audio when partnered with the brand new BT 5.3 ready device, those that are powered by MediaTek Aroha chipsets.



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