Best Ways to Save Electricity At Home

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readMay 27, 2021

How often have you heard people telling you to save electricity? More often than not. And how often did you try to implement such things in your daily life? Perhaps, not quite often. Well, saving electricity is very important because there are still some places in the country that do not receive even an hour of electricity.

Here are some of the best ways to save electricity at home:

  • If possible, try to rely more on natural light. I know that at this age with people living in close-lying flats, having natural light is quite difficult, but if you could create some provisions for the natural light to enter your home, this would not only save your electricity bill but would keep you healthier at home.
  • An exactly similar situation is with the natural air. Try to make minimal use of fans, coolers, and ACs at home and try to get natural air. I know the air in big cities is quite polluted and it would offer more harm than benefits, but you can wear your masks and step out of your house.
  • Morning is the best time where you can switch almost all the electrical components in your home and step out of your house. Encourage even your children to get up early and save electricity by switching off the devices in their rooms.
  • Some electrical equipment tend to take more electricity when they turn old. So, it is important to get such appliances oiled and serviced on a regular basis so that you face no electrical upscales with these devices.
  • Switch off all your unnecessary appliances such as TVs, washing machines and geysers, etc. by the main switch, even when they are shut by the remote or get auto-cut. These things still take some electricity when the main switch is on.

These are some of the best ways to save a lot of electricity at home. And you need to do it even when you are capable of paying electrical bills for electricity far more than you use. You can pay money, but you cannot produce electricity. And saving electricity is like producing it for the others.



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