Big Fat Wedding or A Tiny Occasion?

While some people think that education has got the best in the of the current youths of the world, some are of the notion that education has got the best of them. And most of the current youths prefer to have weddings that are utterly simple in nature. No real festivities, no lots of guests, no lots of food, and nothing too surprising at all.

However, the number of people who wish to have a lavish wedding is not any lesser. Many people wish to have each and every tending element at their wedding, a studded stage, lots of guests, lots of good, extraordinary lighting, and whatnot. Such people hardly care about how much they spend on the wedding and while the former group may call the latter a showoff, they hardly care about it.

What do you think is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding? I mean both kinds of weddings have their own advantages, but people would definitely prefer to choose one.

For instance, if you prefer a simple wedding, you would offer assertions of how much money you would save to buy a house or make a journey or anything like that. Besides, there are fewer hassles in the wedding when the spending is less and chances of the wedding going absolutely smooth are far more.

However, if you prefer a fancy wedding, you would assert of celebrating the occasion with your near and dear ones and that you actually like such an occasion. Besides, big fat weddings also enfold a lot of memories with them. It’s surely just a single big occasion for most people in the world and they wish to have it as lavish as possible, so that the next time they or their kids see the photo album or the videos, they would have a lot of stories to tell and hear. Well, there is nothing wrong with this.

So what’s your opinion on this? Do you love lavish, over-spent weddings or miserly, money-saving weddings?

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