Can Money Buy Happiness For You?

I recently saw a post on social media, and it said that “Money cannot buy happiness for you, but it’s better to cry in a BMW than crying on a normal motorcycle.” Well, this literally means that even if you cannot get happiness in life, you should have money at least to hide your pain and grief.

Well, now coming to our question, what do you think? Can money buy happiness for you in your life? And I think I would get some diplomatic answers from people who may say that money can buy happiness, but not on all occasions.

In fact, people who do not have enough money would think that they can be happier in life if they had money and those who are no short of money would say that money is not really important to have happiness in life.

My Views? I think happiness is not something that you can buy out of money, even if you have a lot of it. Happiness if actually a feeling that emerges from your mind and if your mind is not happy in the happiest of times, you cannot be happy ever.

For instance, don’t you think poor people ever be happy in life or the richest ones never face grief in their life? Well, for me, the real happiness is having timely food in a day, having no issues at all in my body, and seeing all my near and dear ones happy. If you can find happiness in all these small things, I don’t think you need a lot of money to be happy in your life.

However, there are some situations when people feel that if they had enough money, they could have saved a situation and be happier. For instance, when someone very close to you is in a hospital and it needs a lot of money to get them operated on, but it is not at all possible due to lack of resources. You wish you could have done something in the situation and also wish that you had a lot of money to save someone’s happiness.

However, if a person has completed his or her time on earth, do you think you can buy life from death with the help of this money, even if you had it? Well, if this was the case the richest ones would have never let anyone in their family die at all.

So happiness cannot be bought out of money because it cannot be bought at all. It’s just a feeling that emerges at moments and it’s your personal wish to be happy or sad in any situation, nothing dependent on the amount of money you have.

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