COVID-19 May Never Get Over Completely

Once, the world came to a standstill when COVID-19 hit the earth, and ever since, a lot of people have been dying slow deaths due to this terrible disorder. And even though there have been several vaccines prepared by researchers from all across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is still far from over. Why so?

Well, in order for the pandemic to be completely over, people need to abide by the rules made for them. Even when they got completely vaccinated and are young and energetic, they can still get affected by this disease. And when they get affected, they would affect others as well.

Talking about the conditions in India, people who got doubly vaccinated consider themselves to have drunk a kind of elixir. They think they got the immortality juice injected in their veins, which would help them stay away from COVID-19 ever in their life. They got completely rid of their masks, hardly anyone now uses hand sanitizers and no precautions are exercised whatsoever.

In such a case, I would be sorry to say this but COVID-19 MAY NEVER GET OVER EVER. Even in the best of conditions these days, India is experiencing about 30,000 new cases of COVID-19 every single day and this is a huge number. And if you remember what researchers said, COVID-19 vaccines are not a guarantee to prevent you from the disorder completely.

Rather, the vaccine is effective in lessening the effects of COVID-19 symptoms so that your natural immunity could come in handy and it can suppress the disorders. If you consider yourself immortal for some time after getting fully vaccinated, you may be called something like a COV-IDIOT.

However, there are some other COV-IDIOTS that are much more dangerous to society. Such people have pledged not to take the vaccine and they consider themselves immortal just like that. When you hear about such people and hear from them, you would get this impression that COVID-19 would not get over so easily.

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