Do Indians deserve “Hitler” as their Prime Minister?

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readJun 13, 2020

Most of you would be surprised by the title. And why not, the person who was responsible for a massacre of millions of people is being promoted for the post of Prime Minister, and that too for a Democratic Republic of India, the biggest democracy in the world.

Well, I am writing this article in purpose and I stand by every word that I say in it. India attained its freedom in 1947 and became a republic in 1950. The Indian citizens were offered some fundamental rights and some fundamental duties as well. Pity that Indians are way too aware of their rights but ignorant of their duties. Fundamental rights were offered for the benefits of the people and yet people took it to deduce altogether a different meaning to each and every element.

Worst than this, the people of India have lost the “Fear” element in their mind. No matter what wrong deeds they do, they have someone backing them up in every case and this is always in a “constitutional” way, such that the case may get closed very soon, but the one with the wrongdoing hardly getting any lesson. Do you think a country could remain the same in the next 20 years, as it is now? It won’t!

The rapists have the right to hire lawyers and prove themselves non-guilty of the sin, the celebrated people would not be held in any case, whether they kill an endangered animal or kill several people sleeping on the road, no-parking vehicles are towed just to bring some money in and people now use this as a parking fee to keep their vehicle anywhere on the road. Also, you can kill any animal and get away from the clutches of law because the animal cannot file a case on you.

And this is not just about the people of India. Any foreigner is welcomed in India cordially and is allowed to misguide the Indians to change their religion for the “Heaven” sake. Indians are so out of work that any politician would offer a few people a few thousand bucks to raise slogans against the government and the government cannot say anything because it’s the fundamental right of the Indians.

Well, in such a case, only a Hitler with a better frame of mind can help the people of India. It is important to bring back and induce the lost fear in the mind of the people so that they get a lesson for their wrongdoing.

When a rapist is found guilty, why wait for years to hang the person? Why not hang people for killing animals, for robbery, for chain snatching and for other crimes. All it needs is tough punishment to a single person and the rest of the community would surely get a lesson.

What do you say?



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