Do You Believe in Things like Evil Eyes?

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readDec 1, 2022

If you are an Indian, you might have thought that this is something related to India only. However, people across the world, in all cultures and religions, believe in evil eyes and also believe that these evil eyes can do a lot of bad to you. If you do not put something to ward off those evil eyes, things can get worse.

Do you too believe things like these? Do you think evil eyes can harm you if you do not be aware? Let us discuss this in a bit of detail:

What are Evil Eyes?

Evil eyes are not something supernatural or things that occur to anyone just like that. In fact, evil eyes are real eyes of living human beings (as they consider) and these eyes are considered to be bad enough to do all sorts of unwanted stuff in the lives of human beings.

For instance, some people consider other people evil and spread stories like a particular person or people have evil eyes. Whatever these eyes look at or whatever they praise or curse is bound to turn bad. And they have examples like a particular person wished badly for their child and the child turned ill.

Similarly, people would say that if evil eyes gaze at something for too long or wish bad or even praise something, the thing would somehow meet something unexpected and would not be as good as you would have intended.

For instance, how many times did it happen that someone praise some clothes of yours and in the next few hours or days, the same clothes got torn or met some accident? Did it ever happen that someone praised something like a Vase or anything else in your home and suddenly the object broke or met its end?

Do you believe that these things happen because the eyes of the praiser or the critic or the gazer were evil? Can the eyes of someone contain enough power to do good or bad to someone or something else by just speaking or looking at it?

If you believe in the power of evil eyes, you would also believe in the power of things that keep away the power of evil eyes. And in different cultures, there are different things that would serve the purpose of warding off evil eyes.

For instance, there could be some religious symbols that you use and then there could be some plants, herbs, and objects of different shapes, sizes, metals, and materials that are believed to keep the evil eyes away. However, do you think this would work and serve the purpose that they intend? What if something bad happens even after you keep all these objects where you find a threat from evil eyes?

Well, I think evil eyes are nothing particular and not a particular person, per se. Anything and everything could be evil at any time and you cannot say that the person or the animal or something is evil all the time. And what if a black dog is chasing you for no reason on a road? Do you think holding a religious symbol or something that wards off evil eyes will save you from a chasing dog?

Well, you need to forget everything and find out ways to get away. Or else, the THEN evil eyes can hurt you rather badly. So evil eyes are nothing really fixed. Anything could be evil at any moment and you cannot prevent it through something that will ward off evil eyes.



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