Do You Believe the Motivational Speakers?

As time progresses, now there are n number of career choices. Long gone are the times when people used to be only doctors or engineers. Nowadays, every doctor and every engineer, and every housewife is a YouTuber and each one of these people shares their experiences with the world to offer them assistance.

Then come people known as Motivational Speakers which are again plenty in number due to the fact that people are looking forward to hearing these motivational speakers. However, I think this motivational speaking is all a scam and this is something that people should pay less attention to.

What are motivational speakers? These are the people that tell you things that you already know. Or rather, they remind you about things that you might have forgotten. However, if you ever listened to a motivational speaker, do you think his/her words stay in your mind for more than a couple of days? Well, I have heard quite a lot of such speakers with exceptional convincing skills and they would convince you that you are not doing things in the right manner, even if you get good results.

However, it doesn’t matter what they think about you. In fact, what you think about your work, your life and yourself is what really matters in your life. You would have heard them saying, “Try to be absolutely you”, or “whatever you do, do it with full commitment”. Well, I hope every person on earth who has control over his brains knows these things and you do not need a motivational speaker for the process.

So being a motivational speaker may be a lucrative career but I think this is all a scam. Instead, you could consult psychiatrists and they could offer you much better assistance.

Tech Lover, traveller and a passionate writer.