Do You Forgive People When They Apologize?

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readMar 24, 2022

Let’s start with another question. Do you believe in the saying, “To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine”? Well, human beings are made up of mistakes and we all make mistakes in some or the other form. And when we make mistakes, most of the time we expect other people to forgive us for what we did without even asking for forgiveness. Am I right?

Well, nowadays, things are a bit different.

When people commit some mistake, they are too egoistic to ask for forgiveness. So what they do instead is they end the relationship with the person, they are ready to lose the person, just because they do not wish to apologize to the person. Has this ever happened to you?

It happens with everyone in life. People will break your trust, they will make you feel bad but they will apologize too if they need something from you later in their life. This NEED thing is something that keeps 2 people connected if you are not related to each other, and when this NEED gets fulfilled, people will not come to apologize to you even when they know they were wrong.

In such a case, if someone did something wrong to you, would you forgive them when they ask for forgiveness? I think you would definitely assess their need in your life. You will think about how important they are in your everyday life and if you would face some issues if they are not there.

And in such a case, the NEEDS of people definitely win over even the best friendships. If you need a friend for the future, you will forgive the person. If you need a relationship for the future, you will forgive them. But when you think the person has served his or her purpose in your life, you would let them go. This is what is the reality of life these days and exceptions aside, this is what most people do.

Forgiving people is not that bad. If they did something wrong once, they can do it again. So if you get cheated once, it’s their fault, but if you get cheated again, it’s your own fault. In any such case, you should forgive people, but take a lesson for the future. Forgive people for your own good, but never trust them again.

By forgiving them, you take a rock off your heart and show your kindness. But if you trust them again, you are actually trusting a serpent again that bit you once. It can bite you again, no matter how careful you are.



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