Do You Guard Your Kids Way too Much?

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readNov 25, 2021

They say, “Strict parents raise the best liars”. Do you agree with this statement?

Well, I have seen a lot of parents being too protective of their kids. They would wake up their kids in the morning, keep an eye on them till they get ready for school, accompany them to the school, ask the teachers and school guards to keep an eye on them, and never leave the kids alone even when they play,

And in worst cases, many parents install security cameras in their house, if they are working parents, just to keep an eye on what the kids are doing the entire day. Have you ever seen such parents who behave too strictly and never offer any free air for them to breathe?

Tell you what, these kids who face strict parents are definitely getting spoiled and they would love to stay away from the protection of their parents at any cost.

Such are the kids who love to move out of their house at the first chance they get, whether for higher education or for jobs in a different city. They have seen so much of their parents hovering around them that they hardly think of even visiting their parents again unless something is necessary.

So as a parent, it is important to offer your kids some space. You may be too possessive about your kids and care for them too much, but if you always stay with your kids as their walking sticks or crutches, they would turn lame one day, when you are not there.

Let them walk on their own, let them fall down, and let them learn how to get up all themselves. Advice them and help them when they ask. But do not force them for anything in life. Nowadays, kids wish to learn everything themselves and they do this slowly by falling, getting up, and learning to walk the right way.

So if you are guarding your kids too much, they would definitely look to walk about from your protection permanently someday. Kids need a loving parent and not a guard for them.



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