Do You Have a Reason to Be Happy?

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readSep 15, 2022

They say — happiness is something that you cannot get from somewhere outside. In fact, it is something that takes birth inside your body — and your brain and affects your entire body. Also, people believe that being happy is temporary because while you are happy on some days, you are not so happy on others.

So what is your view about happiness and joy? Do you think you need a reason to be happy or do you stay happy all the time?

Tell you what, there is hardly any person on this earth who can stay happy all the time. Almost every person on this earth has some trouble or imagines some trouble and finds a reason to be unhappy. In fact, people find more reasons to be unhappy than they find to be happy. But when you ask them about their life, they would say all good.

However, if you are a person who likes to stay happy, you can stay happy in even the toughest periods, and if you like to find reasons to stay unhappy, even the best times of your life cannot make you happy.

Where to Find Happiness?

Do you think happiness is something that you can find at any place? Well, some people say that they would be happy if they are able to fulfill some of their dreams. It could be something related to buying something they always wished for, having lots of money, or traveling to places they always aimed for.

However, do you think all these things would lend you permanent happiness in your life? Well, you might be happy as long as you travel but in some time, you discover that this is now your regular life and you try to discover happiness in something new. You might think that you would be happy if you have a lot of money, but when you get this money, you turn unhappy again because your happiness depends on superficial things that are temporary in life.

So if you wish to find permanent happiness, find it inside you. If you are related to science, you would say that the human heart has nothing to do with feelings. However, it definitely feels when you are happy or sad and increases or decreases the beats. So try to find your happiness in your heart.

Try to do something that makes you happy and change your thought process in a similar way. People are more unhappy in this age of social media where others are visiting places or buying new things and those who are scrolling through their news feeds, have to like all these photos and videos just because they do not wish others to feel that they are jealous.

This jealousy is something that has made people more unhappy and I think those philosophers are right when they say that people these days are more unhappy because of the happiness of others than their personal troubles in life.

So if you want to stay happy and find happiness, try to find it inside you. You need to change what you think. You need to think differently and make sure nothing that others do would matter to you. If people are getting promoted in their jobs, they are traveling, they are growing up in life, they are making money or achieving something, this has nothing to do with your life. So why would you spoil the fun of your life by being unhappy when others are getting something? Maybe they worked hard for it and achieved what they deserved or they were fortunate enough to get something that you cannot get.

When you start your day, just think that it’s a new day and you have every opportunity to make it count. You have so many things to do and hence, you cannot waste your time seeing what others are doing. Focus on your work and try to make others happy.

One of the most important reasons why some people stay happy is that they make others happy. So make sure you stay happy (not satisfied) with all that you have and work hard to achieve more. Never compare yourself to others because you are a unique creation by the noble Almighty. No one can ever come close to you.



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