Do You Judge People by Their Appearance?

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readNov 18, 2022

What kind of a person you are: “First Impression is the Last Impression” or “Looks can be Deceptive”? Well, in today’s world, people more often than not judge other people by the way they appear, and, no matter how much you refuse to do it, deep inside, you would surely do that unless you start talking to the person on the very first instance.

People often tell others that it’s the heart and the good qualities of the people that matter to them, but if they find a person not dressed so well, they would seldom wish to meet them again. And this is why you need to stay in your best attire and appearance, just for your personal benefit.

Here is how you can make sure you are always very pleasing in terms of your appearance:

  • The very first thing that people notice when they are near you is your face and you need to make sure your face is clean and presentable. For boys, if you like that bearded look, make sure the beard and mustache are trimmed to perfection or at least done well. You should not look like a happy-go-lucky person who does not appear serious at all. And even if you are not so serious, keep that smile on, but make sure you have a good serious look as well.
  • These days, your clothes tell a lot about you, and most often, people will judge you by the kind of clothes you wear. This is why you need to make sure that the clothes you wear are well-tailored and good in quality. Of course, being comfortable is very important but on certain occasions, being formal is more important and you need to make sure you are comfortable while being formal as well. These days, you cannot say that you are not comfortable wearing certain kinds of clothes that the entire community around you is welcoming and you cannot be someone whom the entire community would frown upon, based on your clothes.
  • Make sure you always wear good shoes and footwear when you are out of your home. They say, shoes are the first thing that people notice subconsciously about you and if you wish to make a good impression, your footwear should be good and impressive. Broken or dirty shoes may offer you judgemental looks and at certain places, you may not get the benefits that people with good shoes would get.
  • These days, people judge others based on the kind of hair they have. Yeah, you would have seen people with messy hair these and this is considered style. However, this style statement does not work everywhere, and sometimes, your hair would kill the effect that you have with your talent. Of course, if you are a model or an artist, you can get away with any kind of hair. However, having good, combed hair would also offer you the best benefits.
  • You may not be a huge fan of bathing every single day, but for hygiene reasons and to make sure you offer a good impression in front of others. You need to take a bath every single day. Bathing every day would not only help you get rid of your negativity but will also make sure you appear fresh and devoid of any unwanted smells from your body. Remember — no matter how much a fan you are of deodorants and perfumes, they would not be able to deliver the hygiene that a proper bath at least once a day would deliver.

These are some important tips that would help you keep yourself stay agreeable in your appearance so that the judging eyes of people would get a better impression of you.

Of course, you do not care what people think about you, but there are some instances when you need to make sure you deliver your best appearance, and that too without overdoing it. For instance, you would not like to go appearing tired or hungover for a job interview or at some important formal occasion. Would you?



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