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Dual Volte: The Power Redefining the Mobile Industry!!

Gone are the days when you had to drive an ambassador or had to pay the humungous call charges that made you skip a heartbeat even if you just had to receive an incoming call. Time moved ahead and Reva (battery car) made you happy and so did the charge of Rs. 2–3/min for a call. Since then the cars and phones have been in a league to redefine themselves.

The automobile and the mobile industry since then have got into an era of innovation and better ideation.

If only the mobile industry is talked about here, the evolution of the phone market especially in the Asian market due to the high prices of the phones with better calligraphy fonts. The users were blinded by high-end mobile phones with no innovative features for the mid-range smartphones. What was called smart in these smartphones was a good camera, which was not an HD one rather was supported by a few apps on the play store. The recent years have however re-incarnated the notion of a smartphone. With AI backed cameras, heart rate detection features, amazing graphics and battery life, phones nowadays are like those sky-fi gadgets that the nineties science fictions.

The main topic however stays, the new Dual-volte technology is unveiled around the world and MediaTek is the pioneer of this tech-feature.

Now, let us understand what is Dual Volte?

The dual SIM, dual VoLTE technology has 4G LTE benefits such as a high data throughput performance, more reliable coverage, lower power consumption and a consistent HD call quality when you make calls via either cellular connection.

Importantly, Dual 4G LTE (DSDS) allows VoLTE and ViLTE from both SIMs as well. Versus traditional 2G/3G voice call tech, VoLTE and ViLTE call quality is noticeably better and call setup time is faster. Altogether this gives a consistent user experience, where your smartphone is as fast as possible regardless of which SIM data connection is selected.

How Will Dual Volte come to you?

Recently launched by MediaTek, this technology is all set to come in the latest phone powered by Helio P23.

Introduced on the Helio P23’s Cat-7 (DL) / 13 (UL) 4G LTE modem is an industry-first technology that brings 4G to both SIM slots in DSDS (dual SIM dual standby) smartphones. This Dual 4G LTE technology means major benefits such as a high data throughput performance, more reliable coverage and lower power consumption are available on both SIMs.

It is also going to be integrated into the latest chipsets, again by MediaTek.

How will it create a better experience for you?

The quality of call and the network problems won’t be a problem now on, high definition call plus the power of incredible chipsets in the mid-range phones are no more a far-off dream.

This technology has redefined the way the market is going to be. All thanks to the latest innovation. 2018 can be predicted as a year of technology and innovation and a lot more is yet to unveil.



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