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Flotation Wristband

The World Health Organization estimates that 370,000 people drown each year, and according to the United States Coast Guard 82 percent of those people were not wearing a life jacket. So how can this be resolved? Kingii might be the answer!

The Kingii is an object dedicated to lovers of aquatic and nautical activities. In the form of a bracelet, it fits on the wrist and provides additional buoyancy to its users. This portable accessory is distinguished by its lightness. Although it does not replace the wearing of lifejackets, Kingii brings security and peace of mind without being cumbersome.

But it is not just a flotation aid. The device also contains a compass, to help you get back on track if you get lost and a whistle to alert people to your position.

The wristband is said to be suitable for activities including swimming, surfing, kayaking, sailing, and fishing, allowing for more freedom of movement than a life jacket, which can be up to 78 times larger.
Kingii is a relatively small device that wraps around your wrist and contains an inflatable bag that can quickly be deployed while under water. So, Pull the silver handle, and the internal CO2 cartridge will be released, in turn causing the bright orange bag to inflate immediately and bring you up to the water’s surface.

Once you’ve reached safety, just fold the bag back into its attached pouch (which also contains a whistle for when you need to alert others to your situation), and replace the CO2 cartridge with a new one. Each Kingii comes with two cylinders.

The device is re-usable once the gas cylinder is removed and the nylon inflatable can be deflated and packed back into its pouch, ready for use when a new gas cylinder is installed.
It can be used by anyone older than six and has been tested and proven to provide buoyancy for adults as heavy as 275 pounds.

Tom Agapiades, the mind behind this device states that he invented Kingii because one of his close friends died because of drowning. Later, he found out that the cases of death due to drowning were in huge numbers worldwide. He wanted to offer a solution to it, and this is where King came in the picture.
After I lost a friend in a preventable drowning accident, I developed Kingii as a way to promote the importance of water safety and, hopefully, end this type of tragedy once and for all,’ he said in an interview.
I think its a thoughtful invention, however, I did read the reviews and they quoted problems in the design. Anyway, I would still like to give it a try. Would you?

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