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3 min readJun 20, 2018


Funny Inventions

Technology we may think is all about advancement but sometimes it can bring some of the most hilarious outcomes. So for today I will woo you and make you laugh at about the same time.

Let’s get started.

  1. Flask Tie

Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking it is!

Looking like a usual neck ties, it has a hidden pouch inside the fabric where one can hold NSFW beverage of your preference.

It uses a slim, detachable bladder to hold your drinks, which slots inside the broad end of the necktie

The narrow part of the tie (i.e. the back slip) holds the self-sealing tube where you can sip from i.e.no one comes to know.

Umm I think I would prefer a glass of water instead!

2) The Baby Mop

Now you can turn your crawling infant into a human Roomba by dressing it in a ‘Baby Mop’ —

Fundamentally its a romper with mop heads attached to its arms and legs. As the baby crawls, it polishes the floor, dragging bits of dust, dirt and hairballs with it.

It will also protect the child from getting hurt while playing on the floor. Now as funny as it might seem, I do see its utility. For me it ticks all the boxes.

3) Baby Shower Cap

This innovative designed shower cap prevents soap and water from entering your babies eyes, while you shampoo their hair.

As evident from the design the water flows off and doesn’t touch the eyes of the . In addition, the material is soft and flexible.

This design is no way a necessity but yes can be helpful if you are an extra caring parent…

So thus was my list of whacky technologies, what are yours? Comment below…







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