Helio G Series — The new G in Mobile Gaming.

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MediaTek has created and developed an entire chipset processor series dedicated to providing an incredible and extended gaming experience to mobile gamers. They have successfully launched their Helio G series where the G stands for Gaming. MediaTek successfully brought an entirely different aspect to the mobile gaming arena when they made their Helio G70 processor available in Realme C3, a budget phone with a price tag of around 7–8k. This allowed numerous consumers to access this gaming-oriented smartphone and indulge in lengthy sessions of heavy-duty games, which they might not have been able to if the device wasn’t budget-oriented.

MediaTek also made the more advanced chipset processor G90T available in Redmi Note 8 Pro, which retails for less than 20k. This is a huge positive because it makes Mediatek accessible to a huge base of consumers, ultimately providing the brand with immense exposure.

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Although almost all contemporary smartphones are capable of playing various mobile-games, there are very few phones (mostly high-end) who could play heavy-duty mobile games like PUBG, Asphalt, Mobile Legends, Fortnite.etc. MediaTek changes that dynamic with the introduction of the Helio series.

The Helio G70 is capable of operating a smooth execution of an extended period of the most heavy-duty mobile games. 30 minutes of these games only drained 6 per cent of the device’s battery. There are no latency or frame drop issues even when the games are played in the HD mode, which is a rare thing to achieve especially in a chipset integrated into a budget smartphone.

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Helio G90T is on a whole different level with unbeatable AnTuTu score and surpassing its equivalent Snapdragon chipset processor 730G in both AnTuTu and GeekBench tests. The former also beat the latter in regard to the time taken by the device to launch a heavy-duty game. It can deliver an incredibly smooth, reliable and efficient functioning of the entire device as well as a great gaming experience for the gamers.

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MediaTek is on its way to launch Helio G80 which is a step between both the G70 and the G90T. It has incredible upgrades than the G70 and is also integrated with certain features unique to MediaTek like — VoW (Voice On Wakeup), Core Pilot, Neuro Pilot, Pump Express and Tiny Sensor Hub just like the G90. These facilities and enhancements help in generating a reliable, sustainable and efficient performance based on speed.

I think if we perceive all the work that MediaTek has been building on with regard to the Helio series — it is undeniable that they have really changed the entire narrative when it comes to mobile gaming. They are the real G’s in the field of accessible mobile-gaming of all aspects.

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