Hey Parents, Stop Doing This with Your Kids

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readMay 6, 2021

Some years ago, I hardly liked anything good that my parents said. Whether while studying or while eating, I always thought that I was right, and my parents knew nothing. Later, I grew up and found that most of what my parents said was right.

However, not everything they said is agreeable and as a parent, I think you should really not do some things which hold no value currently. These are as follows:

• Do not motivate your kids by comparing them with other kids. Even as a grown-up person, I think this is a sort of demotivation and kids are hardly able to cope up with this. If the classmates, friends, neighbors, or cousins of your kids are too bright in their studies, it doesn’t mean your kid too should become like them just to satisfy your ego.

• Do not poke your kids to study all the time. It would be better to know what your kids are interested in and guide them in the direction with the right frame of mind. Do not tell them that the basic curriculum is the most important thing. Instead, define how it stands important and make them understand it.

• Pressurizing your kids too much to eat some veggies would make them hate those things permanently in their life. Instead, find out ways to disguise these essential veggies and tell them the importance of these in their language.

• Love your kids but do not pamper them too much as it spoils them. If they demand something, offering it to them without understanding their needs is very wrong. You are making your kids mentally lame in the process and they will never understand the importance of anything if they get it so easily.

• Do not criticize your kids in front of other kids, relatives, teachers or other people. You need to make your kids better and this is not the right way. Instead, ask their teachers on how to make improvements if your kid if weak in an aspect.

While I think parents are the first friends and teachers of their kids and most of what they tell by their experience is good for the kids, there are some things that really need to change in the society with the changing times. What do you think?



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