How to Be a Good Neighbor

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readApr 23, 2021

It is said that only the luckiest people get good neighbors and if you have good and trustable neighbors around your house, this is nothing less than a blessing. Neighbors are people who may not be related to you, but they surely show more affection than the relatives at the needful times, provided that you have a good relationship with your neighbors.

So here are some tips that would help you increase the bond between you and your neighbors so that you can stand for each other in the toughest period:

  • You may be too introverted to move out of your house and talk to the neighbors, but a small greeting once a day, even from your balcony would be good enough to keep that healthy relationship. Also, while you find your neighbors on street, do greet them and if you have time, you can talk to them for a while.
  • Parties and social get-togethers are the perfect occasions to know your neighbors well. You can even arrange a small get-together in your home and call your neighbors in it to get acquainted with each other,
  • To be a good neighbor, it is important to fulfill some duties as well. For instance, try not to cover the parking spot of your neighbors when parking your vehicles or keep your pets leashed or in a safe place so that they do not disturb the home or the backyard of your neighbors. Also, waste disposal is again one of the issues which see a tussle between the neighbors. You need to avoid such things by following your duties.
  • If two of the neighboring residents are having a fight between them, it is important for you to get the issues resolved as soon as possible. Many neighbors would use this opportunity to create more gaps between these people, but these are not the duties of a good neighbor.
  • Sharing food is again one of the best ways to keep your neighbors happy. If you tried cooking something new and interesting, you can share it with your neighbors.

These are some of the best ways to be a good neighbor in your society. Remember, these little things go a long way in case of some emergencies.



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