How to be an Environment-Friendly Citizen

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readApr 15, 2021

Do you have an idea why a global pandemic like COVID-19 took place? According to the experts, it was nature’s way of healing itself when the human being was too harsh on the environment. Millions of people across the world got killed and many others are still struggling for their lives. Well, even if you are still not aware of the bad effects of not being an environment-friendly citizen, such global pandemics would keep coming up again.

Here are some important tips to be a good citizen and save the environment:

  • Do not litter at any place and be very responsible in throwing your waste. People do not think twice while throwing their waste on sea beaches or roads or any other place they visit. This is what is known as degrading the environment. To prevent this, no matter what kind of waste you have, if you are away from home, make sure to dump it into the designated places and nowhere else, even if you have to walk an extra mile for the process.
  • Wasting water is one of the biggest sins that could take place. People have absolutely no consideration in wasting precious water in their homes, and they never think about places where people have to walk miles to earn some drop of water for their daily needs. As a responsible citizen, make as little use of water as possible.
  • Having good flowering pots at home is great but it also essential to plant trees in public places. If you go for a walk in a park, why not plant trees at the place and take your turn to water them as well. Even if you do it just once a month, it would be a great benefit to the environment.
  • Keeping your surroundings absolutely clean is one of the best things you can do to be an environment-friendly person. Never litter around your house and never let even your neighbors do so. Also, if you have space, you can plant trees around your home and turn the surroundings greener.

These are some really effective ways to be a responsible citizen and prevent environmental degradation. Remember, the environment never suffers because of people, it is the people that suffer due to the degradation of nature and the environment.



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