How to Behave When You are a Guest

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readMar 18, 2021

Nowadays, hardly do people appreciate the arrival of guests, and especially those, who tend to offer a surprise visit. Tell you what, people love their privacy a lot and they hardly are ready for any surprise visit by guests. So here are some important tips that you can follow when you are about to be a guest in someone’s home:

  • Even if it is an emergency, always inform about your arrival to the homeowner well in advance. Do ask if they have any other plans during the time you make a visit. If they do have a plan, try not to be a guest.
  • If you are visiting someone with a relatively small house and less space to stay at night, try leaving the home the same day when you visit, unless it is an emergency. People would insist on your stay at night, but do view the conditions and make the decisions accordingly.
  • When visiting someone, try not to be a guest in the house. Help the homeowners in their work and always try to pay the expenses which are necessary. Taking a gift for the homeowners is not a bad idea at all.
  • Similarly, when you stay at night, do fulfill your responsibilities by making up your bed and bedding as it was offered to you. Also, try to help the homeowners in their petty chores such as gardening and cleaning etc. This would prevent you from being an unwelcomed guest.
  • Never try to visit the personal space of the homeowners, such as their bedroom or any other rooms, without their permission. Also, do not open the refrigerator of the home without the permission of the homeowner.
  • If you are visiting with small kids, make sure to keep them in control. The worst nightmare of a homeowner is destructive kids and even worse is the combination of destructive kids.
  • Adhere to basics such as praising the food or snacks that you have, praising the house that you visit, complimenting the design sense of the homeowner, and do not speak anything when you do not like a thing.

These are some important things that would help you be a good guest in someone’s home. Remember, these are just the basics that you need to follow, but they can assist the homeowners a great deal and you would not be ab unwelcomed guest.



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