How To Bust Stress by Reviving Your Old Self

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readJun 17, 2021

Sometimes, do you miss being the old you? Do you remember how you got excited when undertaking some new tasks in life of meeting a new person? Does this thought still bring excitement? Are you still really excited about having your food? Well, if there is no excitement left in life, you need a break rather quickly to revive yourself from the daily chores.

Here are some of the tips that can help you:
• Take a good break from work to discover what you actually want. However, taking break does not mean lying at home all day, fingering your smartphone. Go for a vacation on some really soothing place. Take your friends with you. This break would really offer great benefits to your ailing mind.
• Play with the kids. This is a very serious step and do not take it as a joke. Remember how carefree you were as a kid and nothing at all affected your life. Perhaps you need that energy again and it can be best transferred to your body in the company of small kids. Teach the kids all the games that you played as a kid and learn how to forget your life issues when you laugh out loud with them.
• Read your favorite comics again. As a kid, you would have loved comics more than your textbooks and now you do not have time to read anything. Offer some rest to your smartphone and get comics that you loved as a kid. This would really help you buster your stress.
• Spend time with your parents. In this technological world with ideological differences, people have separate rooms, and they rarely see the faces of even their blood relatives unless they need something. Do not let this happen. Sit with your parents and talk to them about your childhood, hear stories about when you were a kid. Let them remember how cool they were as young parents. This would also revive your relationship with them.
• Pick a hobby and follow it seriously. Do not stop doing what you like even when you have to work for 14 hours a day.

These are just a few points that can easily take a lot of stress away from your life and even help you regain your old self for better. Remember! it takes just a little bit of courage to follow these steps, but the benefits are immense. Try these out and I would be waiting for your experiences in the comment section.



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