How To Clean Your Smartphone

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readSep 9, 2021

First things first, this cleaning guide is not about the software or the applications in your smartphone.

Do you often clean the UI or the software in your smartphone? Well, cleaning the applications and junk in your smartphone is really essential for its smooth operation and to avoid unwanted space eaten up by the junk. However, this cleaning is about the exteriors of your smartphone. And this might feel strange but you need to clean the exterior hardware of your smartphone regularly.

You might have heard a lot that your smartphone is one of the dirtiest things that you handle every day. In fact, it could be dirtier than your toilet seat and you need to believe it. How often do you clean your toilet seat? Most people do it once a week.

And how often do you clean your smartphone (apart from wiping the display on your t-shirt)? Most people would say that they never ever bothered cleaning their smartphones from outside. This is the same thing that stays in your hand while you are on your toilet seat, it stays in your hands even when you get a haircut, it probably stays below your pillow when you sleep at night and this device also stays with you when you eat food.

Well, this means that it travels some of the dirtiest places in the world and still never gets a cleanup. Mind you! This could be a big issue in the decrement of your body immunity and you may not feel it but your smartphone could be the one making you fall ill. What do you do in this aspect?

Yeah, you cannot clean your smartphone with water, but you can definitely clean it with a moist cloth or some sanitizer sprayed on the device. You can spray a bit of hand sanitizer on your smartphone once a week, very carefully, and wipe it out with a clean cloth. This would ensure to keep your smartphone clean from the outside as well. And the same goes with various remotes in your home for TV or AC etc.

Remember, these are very petty things and no one notices them. However, if you maintain sanitary conditions around you, you would definitely decrease the medical bills you face.



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