How to Create the Best Headlines for Your Post

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readApr 22, 2021

Do you agree with the assertion that headlines are the most important part of a post, whether a blog or an article? Well, headlines are like the first impression of anything textual or any form of content and in this case, the first impression is the last impression. Even in normal conditions, you might ignore some book or a piece of text or a video quite a number of times because you did not find the headline too interesting; isn’t it?

Well, here are some expert tips to help you create the best headlines for your viewers, especially if this is related to digital marketing:

  • Think of headlines in the simplest of words, especially when you are writing it for the search engines. Think like a common person and think what a person would type when searching for a piece of content over the internet. Heavy words might seem interesting, but simple words are far more effective.
  • People always look for posts that tend to deliver some benefits. So in your headlines, try to denote the benefits which a product or service, or incident could deliver to their body. Also, headlines that tend to denote some danger do also get a lot of attention from the viewers.
  • Keep the headlines short and sweet. Max of 10 words in the headlines is considered ideal and that too, not something with too heavy or elongated words. The longer is your headline, the more attention it needs from the viewers and this would decrease the chances of viewers viewing it.
  • There are some kinds of posts where headlines are offered in a digital format rather than text. For instance, headlines in images and videos play a major role in whether or not you would get the attention of the people. Make sure these headlines are highlighted appropriately and show the essence of what you are about to deliver next.

Again, if you do not deliver good headlines, people would have no reason to explore the things following the headline. No matter how good the content that follows tends to be, you need to deliver a great first impression through good headlines.



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