How to Deal With Something that You are Scared of

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readSep 17, 2021

The word “scared” is something that can shake even the most powerful people in the world. And this has led to the discovery of the word “Phobia” which means fear of something. No matter how brave and strong a person tends to be, he or she would have some or the other fear in his or her mind and this has nothing to do with the body strength.

But a phobia is something different and getting scared of something out of no reason is totally distinct.

You would have seen a lot of people getting scared of rats and cockroaches and even after being 100 times the size of such small creatures, getting scared of them is not a phobia.

And this is just a simple example. People tend to fear innumerable things apart from animals like cats, dogs, and monkeys. Some of them also fear injections, while some people fear medicines. Some people are scared of heights while some people are scared of deep water. Others can get scared of public speaking and many of them are scared of the dark. It may sound funny but most people are scared of ghosts, even though their existence is still a mystery.

And like this, there are innumerable scary objects in the world. Well, if it is a kind of phobia, you would certainly require psychiatric treatment to heal yourself. However, if you fear something just like that, it’s because you never faced anything like it with courage and if you do not muster the courage inside you, you would keep on getting scared of many petty things.

Let’s take a very small example. If you are scared of dogs, you need to know that every dog would not just come to bite you until it is mad. If you are a stranger to the dog, it would bark at you and could even chase you. However, for getting chased you need to run, and if you do not run but stand at a place while the dog or dogs bark, they would slowly go away.

Unless they come close to you, you need to do nothing. Do not try to scare them and never try to hurl anything at them. Just keep standing still and wait for it to pass. Besides, the best way to resist the fear of dogs is to keep a dog as a pet.

Similarly, the best way to resist your fears is to face your fears. You may think something is scary but what if you find it fun when you approach it?



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