How to Feed Your Finicky-Eating Child

  • No person on the earth can live without food and not even your kids. When the stomach growls, they would look for something to eat. Make sure you keep all those cookies and deep-fried products away from their reach and keep their healthy food near them. When they are hungry, even healthy foods would appear quite tasty to them.
  • Kids love foods in shiny wrappers and packets. If your kid is still very young, but finicky, take wrappers of their favorite food products and fill them with healthy eatables. Fruits and dry fruits go well with such tricks.
  • Your kid would hate an eatable if you do it too. So the best thing to do is to lead by example. Eat the healthy veggies and other products in front of your kids and tell them how delicious they are. Kids will always try to imitate you.
  • Some deep-fried products can be healthy enough if taken once in a while. You can offer your kids fried chicken, fried fish, fried veggies, etc. once a week, and lure them to eat other healthy stuff the entire week if they wish to get that amazing snack on the weekends.



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Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar


A Passionate Writer with love for Technology. I love discovering new gadgets and writing about smartphones. However, do not let technology take away your sleep.