How To Gain Weight Naturally

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readJun 18, 2021

In this enormous world where every second person on earth is struggling to lose weight, do not consider yourself a foil if you are looking to gain weight. There are millions of people all across the world who try really hard to gain weight but see no results whatsoever.

If you are the one trying to do so, there are some universal truths that you need to keep in mind such as- Weight and body structure of a human being depends on genetics and you would gain weight naturally after a certain age.

But not many people pay heed to these and use some unnatural protein powders, pills and weight-gainers etc. to get good results. Mind you, these hard your body very terribly later. Here are some natural tips that you can try to gain weight:

· Proteins are highly recommended as weight gainers, but it is really important to have natural proteins only. Include eggs, soybeans, various nuts, cottage cheese, tofu, shakes of various fruits like bananas etc. in your diet. But stay away from unnatural weight gaining products. They do not help at all.

· Weight is gained not only by consuming proteins but when you are capable of digesting the proteins. So make sure you work really hard and include all sorts of physical exercises in your daily routine. Hit a gym and be regular, if you want. But if you are not physically active, consuming any form of diet would not really help.

· There is a difference between regular, healthy weight and obesity. If you are turning obese in the process of gaining weight, this is really harmful for the body. It’s a misconception that eating more junk food would help your gain weight. It would just increase the fat in various portions of the body like your stomach and thigs and would offer a really bad impression.

· Drink as much water as you can in the day and as little as needed at night. You know that the human body is made up 70 percent of water and so is the mass of the body. Water is also essential in cleaning your body and aiding digestion.

Amidst all these steps, the key step is patience. If you have still not crossed a certain age, you would hardly see any increase in weight, even when you consume a horse in one go. Be patient for a year and sometimes, it may take even 2. Do not get agitated. It would take perhaps a couple of years and if you stay persistent with all the above steps for the designated time period, you would definitely get success.



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