How to Lose Your Customers While Digital Marketing

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readJul 25, 2020

Interesting right? In a world where people have been telling you ways to gain followers, visitors and customers, here is something that is ready to demoralize you. Well, I have no aims at demoralizing or demotivating you and if you understand this closely, you would surely know what I intend to tell.

So do you want to lose your customers in spite of spending money on Digital Marketing? Here are some of the best ways to do so:

Never Go for a Website:

All digital marketing experiences start from a good website and if you do not have a good website, your probable customers would never be able to meet you in the digital world. So no website certainly means fewer customers and perhaps, there will be almost no customers in the long run.

A Website with Frequent Popups:

Visitors on your website have invested their time to gain some insight as per their needs or when you promise to offer something interesting. However, if you keep on disturbing them with some pop-up ads which keep coming regularly in minutes, the visitors would soon get irritated and go away. The best way to never have any customers.

A Website with Less Content and More Ads:

Sure your website is a way to generate revenues but it would never be a good marketing strategy when your webpages are loaded with unwanted ads and banners, and show less of the content for which the visitors came in the first place. Do this and you would have nothing in some time, neither the visitors nor the ads.

High-Pitched Sales, Low Benefits to Customers:

One of the golden rules in marketing is that your customers should understand the importance of what you offer. And they would understand it only when you explain the benefits. However, if your website content is more of sales-oriented and less focused on the benefits of the customers, you would surely have no sales at all.

Social Media Strategy with Sales-Only Tone:

If you tell your followers on social media how well you can do a particular step in digital marketing instead of how important that particular step is, you would surely lose them. Customers are not interested in how proficient you are. All they care is how well you can do the task.

So carry out the following activities and I guarantee that you would lose your customers, visitors and followers very soon. And if you understand what I intend to say here, I expect your claps and a follow.



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