How to Make Your Desk Job Better at Home

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readJun 10, 2021

Most people in the world are employed to do a 9 to 5 job that extends much more. And while most of them are working from home, the job may get the best of them when it gets elongated. Not many homes have office-like conditions, and this is the major reason why people complain of lots of body issues very soon.

However, if you wish to never encounter any troubles in your body even after doing a desk job for your entire life, here are some tips that you can follow:

· Prevention is always better than cure and the only way to prevent the occurrence of such body troubles is to get your daily dose of exercises. Running on treadmill is fine but that is not the exercise that would keep the backbone issues away. You need to perform some exercises that involve your backbone and Yoga is the best method in this aspect.

· The conditions are such that you may have to work from home for quite some time and you cannot sit on an uncomfortable chair with non-friendly lighting conditions. So first of all, invest some money and get body-friendly furniture. Secondly, find a place at home where you can get some natural light. And if getting natural light is difficult, at least find a place that is bright enough to not hurt your eyes. Such investments would only help you in the long term.

· Sitting on your bed is one of the worst ways of doing your daily job. You are in your worst of posture and if you do this for a long period of time, you will start sensing some discomfort in your body soon. Better find a comfortable table and chair so that you can always do your best.

· Working periods may get stretched beyond your working hours at home. However, it’s all on you to make or break it. Try to finish your day’s work within the working hours and avoid any extra work beyond the office timings, no matter how different you sound than the rest of your group.

· Working discipline goes a long way. Even if you are at home, avoid the urge of using your smartphone every 5 minutes and avoid going for a stroll every 10 minutes. Just keep sitting on your seat and complete your tasks like you did in the office. If you have this discipline in you, you will never face any issues of late working hours etc.

These are some important tips that can make your desk job better when working from home. Remember! It’s all upon you to make it or break it.



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