If they Betray You the Second Time…

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readDec 15, 2022


If they broke your trust the first time, would you believe them the second time? People would tell you a very common phrase that says if they betray you or break your trust for the first time, it’s absolutely their fault. But if they break your trust again, it is surely your own fault. Do you believe in this?

Well, trust is a huge thing that connects two living beings. Not just human beings but even animals are dependent on this factor. And yet, the connection is one of the weakest on this earth. It takes years to build that trust and strengthen it, but it can literally take just a second to break this trust.

So yeah, if people break your trust the second time, it’s your fault to have trusted such people. And there is something very important that people will ask here. Should we not forgive people if they did something wrong?

Really, Should You Not Forgive People?

Again, the age-old idiom would tell you that to err is human and to forgive is divine. So even if someone did wrong to you and you escaped unhurt, you ought to forgive them. However, forgiving anyone does not mean you would offer them the same place they had in your life initially, unless you are connected by blood or by law.

This means if someone did something wrong to you, you should forgive them, not because they are human beings, but because you deserve mental peace. However, never offer them the same place in your life again. This is because if they did something wrong once, they can do it again. And when they do it again, it’s not their fault — it’s your fault to have trusted such a person again.

It happens mostly in friends and casual relationships that most people in their teens and twenties go through. Sometimes, one of the people in a relationship trusts the other person a bit too much and the other keeps betraying the first person without even thinking. And while we are talking about second chances, there are thirds and fourths, and fifths, and n number of chances given to such people.

This is the time when people are still raw in their brains. They do not understand right and wrong and keep taking rash decisions about trusting people. However, when you pass that age and start thinking about your life seriously through the experiences you had, you will know that you cannot trust just anyone in your life and you definitely cannot offer second chances to everyone.

So if they betray you for the second time, it’s definitely your fault and you cannot have any excuse for trusting people again unless it was a life and death matter. Just remember that some things and some people will never change in their life, no matter how hard you try, with love or with your trust.

So in order to lead a happy life, you need to cut some people off from your list of acquaintances. Life may turn difficult without them but it will definitely not stop.



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