Indian Technology Innovations of India 2018

In the last ten years, Indian Institute of Science has come up with various innovations, with the focus being on making primeval research and making them accessible to the nation and the world at a reasonable rate. From checking heart conditions to making lenses cheap for cataracts patients, discoveries in cancer drug treatments and innovations in water purifying, here are some additions to the future of technology in India:

A Solar Water Purifier

An innovation by Vasant Natarajan, this solar water purifier is a low-cost purifier and does not require electricity. According to Natarajan, this purifier could purify all kinds of water be it sea, ponds, bore well, even rainwater and make it drinkable water. It has the ability to produce 1.5 liters out of 3 liters of impure water. Explaining how it works, he said that first the water is evaporated by using solar energy, and then the vapoursare collected on a cold surface.

Non-invasive Heart Condition Detector

S Asokan, Professor at Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics and his team, invented a non-invasive device that can measure heart and lung, called the Fibre Bragg Grating Heart Beat Device. The device only needs to be wrapped around a person’s chest, for the sensor to detect cardiac activities, count blood glucose levels, measure blood pressure, and monitor respiration. Formed of an optical fibre sensor, this detector can easily help detect heart conditions very early.

Smartphone Turned into a Malaria Detector

Have you ever thought of using you’re your smartphone to detect malaria? Well, no one would have…

But, Dr. Sai Siva Gorthi of Department of Instrumental and Applied Physics has made it possible. She has made a powerful microscopic device that eliminates the various stages of blood testing to detect malaria. Her team has replaced the camera with high-resolution optics of a microscope and also has software that studies the images captured through the microscope and tells even a layman whether they are suffering has the malaria virus or not. It only requires a pinch of blood as a sample.




Tech Lover, traveller and a passionate writer.

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Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar

Tech Lover, traveller and a passionate writer.

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