Is Fake Feminism Destroying the Future of Men?

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readAug 5, 2021

Most of us are active on social media and most of us know about the 2 incidents that went very popular:

Incident 1:

A social media influencer orders pizza and in order to get it for free, she accuses the delivery boy of late delivery and then uses her feminine skills to book the delivery boy in a physical assault case just because he was asking for money. Also, she put fake bandages around her nose and arms to prove that the delivery body really attacked her.

Incident 2:

A girl in Lucknow was trying to cross a National Highway while the signal was green for the vehicles and in that busy street, she stopped a cab driver whom she accused of hitting her with the car. In the viral video, you would have seen the girl jumping and hitting the cab driver in front of Lucknow police, and even then, police arrested the driver, took him to jail, and kept him for 24 hours.

Later, the girl framed a false story that with the driver, 100 other people assaulted her and kept hitting her for about 300 meters. When an FIR was filed against her, she came out with a list of diseases she had in her body and tried to get away keeping her feminism as an excuse.

Well, a number of such incidents happen every single day and while some of them get highlighted, in most of the cases, men are the loser because we are trying to form a society with equal rights to both men and women.

If a man beats a woman, he would be subjected to prison and huge penalization, but why does our equality close its eyes when the men experience the same kind of assault from women? I would not compare any numbers in this case because I am not saying that men who do such things are right.

But for a moment, if we stop being a man or a woman and think as human beings, why can’t there be equal rights for all the people in this age where even constitution offers equal rights to every citizen in a country.

Just because the person is a poor delivery boy or a cab driver, does it mean the women of the society have the right to use their feminism and harass the men? How right do you think this is? Why can’t we have equal rights for both men and women and just like the world takes out candle marches etc. for the women of the society, why can’t we make sure that men get the same treatment as well?

I think it’s high time now that we stop thinking as a male or as a female and stand together for any human being that gets unfair treatment. We don’t want a Men’s Association of India like women, but we definitely want to make sure that the entire career, life, and self-respect of a male is not destroyed because of fake feminism. Do you agree?



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