Is MediaTek a Good Processor?

Abhishek Kumar
4 min readNov 19, 2021

It’s not a question if MediaTek is a good processor or not, but the question is, whether or not MediaTek processors are good enough for usage and that too in the long term.

Most people who buy smartphones these days dream of carrying them forward for about 2 to 3 years and more often than not, if it lasts more than 4 years, they consider the smartphone brand good enough for them.

However, while people are now acquainted with the brands of the smartphone chipsets as well, and many people just know the name Snapdragon, are quite surprised when someone suggests MediaTek to them. This is where they have questions like, “Is MediaTek a good processor?” or “Is MediaTek better than Snapdragon?”

If you too have questions like these, I think it’s better to get a clear idea about this here itself, before you buy a smartphone.

Why is MediaTek a Good Processor?

MediaTek processors are good enough these days and even better than most of the prestigious brands because of the following major reasons:

  • MediaTek processors are available in all the low sizes that you need. All the MediaTek 5G chipsets are 7nm or less and soon there would be 4nm MediaTek chipsets as well. Against this, some Snapdragon chipsets are 8nm in size as well.
  • MediaTek always ensures to include the 5G modem within the chipset so that you can get a better smartphone experience. Against this, Snapdragon and many other chipset brands use external 5G modems in the chipsets still and this is a kind of disadvantage for the users.
  • MediaTek devised the art of supporting dual SIMs with the same network quality. This means your 4G smartphone with a MediaTek chipset would support dual 4G SIM and the same for the 5G smartphone. Put any SIM on any slot and it would offer the same network quality, unlike other chipsets where they force you to put your main SIM in slot 1 for a better network.
  • MediaTek chipsets support most custom software and have fully unveiled the resource architecture of the devices. You can now flash your desired custom ROMs on your MediaTek-powered devices and also install Google Camera without any issues.
  • And the most evident advantage that is one of my favorites is the cost of the smartphones with the MediaTek chipsets. If you compare smartphones with MediaTek and Snapdragon chipsets of the same capability, keeping all the other specs similar, you would find the one with the Mediatek chipset about 25% more affordable and cost-effective for you.
  • Also, as I have been saying a lot in my blogs, MediaTek is not just a part of your smartphones. In fact, there are high chances that it can be a part of any smart or digital object in your home. For instance, most smart TVs have Mediatek chipsets and all Alexa smart speakers from Amazon have Mediatek chipsets.

And due to these points, I think Mediatek is a good processor brand that is now the largest smartphone processor manufacturing brand in the world and even has the highest amount of share in the smartphone market.

Why do People Criticize MediaTek?

People who already know about MediaTek may not agree to get a MediaTek chipset due to two major reasons:

  • Heating issues in the smartphones and lagging after some time
  • Lack of an open resource architecture

And for the second one, I already told that MediaTek has unveiled the resource architecture of the chipsets, so there would be no issues with the devices.

And talking about the heating issues, it is important to know that heating is a history and it does not affect the Mediatek chipsets anymore. In fact, Snapdragon chipsets heat much more than Mediatek chipsets at the flagship level and this is a practical experience for people.

So, Mediatek is a good processor and absolutely fit to be used in any gadget in your home, not just in your smartphones. Who knows, you might already be using a MediaTek chipset in any of the gadgets that you use daily.



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