Is MediaTek Processor Good for Gaming?

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Admit it or not, smartphone gaming is a serious thing in the current age. People may skip a meal or 2 in a day just because they have their smartphones in hand, playing their favorite games. And if at this stage, you would ask questions such as Is Mediatek processor good for gaming, that would be absolutely unfair to a brand that is working so hard for the gamers.

But as a consumer and buyer, you have all the right to ask questions and with my research, I have gathered answers for you as well.

How is the MediaTek Processor Good for Gaming?

Before answering the question, let me as you — what do you need for good gaming on your smartphone?


  • Sturdy hardware, of course
  • Really good display with a powerful refresh rate
  • A strong and capable processor that supports good graphics
  • A lot of RAM for steady operation
  • Sufficient ROM to store all those heavy games
  • A powerful battery with blazing charging speed.

Did you know that apart from the ROM support in the device, all the other features are directly or indirectly governed by the processor of the smartphone?

Well, if you did not have an idea about it, let me tell you that processor is like the brain of your body and if the brain is not good enough, even the best of bodies are no better than mannequins.

And this is why, MediaTek has kept track of all these things when it brought the new gaming series and the 5G series chipsets in the market. In other words, the scenario changed completely in the gaming market when MediaTek Helio G series and MediaTek Dimensity series chipsets entered the market.

About MediaTek G series of Gaming Series Chipsets:

So while gaming was already a rage, MediaTek thought about bringing a new series of chipsets and these were specifically meant for smartphone gamers.

Yes, if you are a gamer and you already know about Mediatek gaming chipsets, you would have not asked questions like is mediatek processor good for gaming?

So the first-ever Helio G series processor to grace a smartphone was MediaTek Helio G90, and after that, there was a series of powerful processors from Mediatek. As of now, we have Mediatek gaming chipsets starting from the budget segment in the form of Mediatek Helio G25 to MediaTek Helio G96.

And what makes these Mediatek chipsets worth it is the MediaTek HyperEngine gaming support. So let me explain this as well to you.

MediaTek HyperEngine Gaming Enhancement:

Now MediaTek HyperEngine is a type of gaming enhancement present in all the MediaTek gaming chipsets, a few MediaTek P-series chipsets and most of the MediaTek Dimensity chipsets as well.

This gaming enhancement offers an optimized experience by enhancing smartphone features like the graphics of the device, connectivity, battery usage, and other features that affect your gaming experience. One of the best things about MediaTek HyperEngine gaming enhancement is that it brings dual Wi-Fi connectivity to the devices.

This means you can stay connected to 2 Wi-Fi connections and the best one among them would keep working. If something happens to it, the device would switch to the other network without even sending any signals and your gaming experience would never get affected.

Also, MediaTek is enhancing this HyperEngine technology with time, and after MediaTek HyoerEngine, it was MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 and MediaTek HyperEngine 3.0 support as well in the devices.

So coming back to our point, MediaTek has made a lot of changes in the past few years in terms of their chipsets and now they are really good for gaming and for all the other kinds of uses.

And moving forward to the Dimensity series, MediaTek has enhanced its game much more with low-size chipsets that occur with much better gaming features. MediaTek is really trying to deliver the best and I think you should also offer a chance to it on your smartphones.



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