Is WhatsApp Acting a Spy to Facebook?

Thank God people had their attention towards this, otherwise they would have always lived under an impression that their private lives are really private. Not just WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, every single application in your smartphone and all the web apps on your laptop have access to the private data in these devices and you can do nothing to stop that.

WhatsApp brought a change in its policies and suddenly people became vigilant of their private data being stolen. However, did you ever realize that all these apps already had access to all your photos, videos, and messages, etc. and this is because you offered them permission?

Yes, while you send some photos or other documents to someone else, the apps ask for permission to access your gallery, your contact list and they already have the access to messaging. In such a case, the private data of people was never too secure. However, they did not have an idea about it.

For the smallest test, you would have seen that when you search something on apps like Amazon for shopping it, the same ads are shown on Facebook as well? Why does this happen? Cookies? Yes, they can access the cookies in your smartphone and this means they can access your private folders as well. So where do you think is the privacy in this?

Tell you what, privacy in today’s world of small apartments and the internet is just a misconception? You think you have a private life only until you are not bullied by cyber intruders. So if you think you only have WhatsApp as the app that steals your private data, let me tell you that every single application on your smartphone does that.

And most importantly, Google is the main head of all these privacy breaches. If you are working on your laptop or your smartphone with an internet connection, everything that you write, speak and do is seen by Google.

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