Is Your Child Not Listening to You?

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readMay 7, 2021

There was a time when children used to obey almost all that their parents would tell them. And then came technology that somewhat separated the parents and the kids. No wonder they live in the same home but now they talk to each other on digital messengers and social media apps, rather than a one-to-one talk.

In the process, many parents believe that they already lost their relationship with their children, thanks to the gifts of technology and the digital screens.

As a parent, do you too feel that you and your kids talk less and there is a virtual barrier between the parents and the kids? Are your kids not listening to any of your calls even for their benefits? Well, you need to put your thinking caps on to revitalize your relationship unless it is too late.

So, most of the parents have a complaint that their kids do not listen to them just because they are too busy with their video games, smartphones, tablets or any other digital equipment they have. Well, you have the option of snatching these digital equipment and turning your kids more stubborn, or doing something more fruitful to divert the attention of your kids.

You cannot be too strict with your teenager kids and if your kids have not even reached the teenage in their life, this is a serious concern.

In order to make sure that the kids listen to their parents, the parents first need to improve themselves. If you keep sitting with your smartphone in hand all day, do you think your kids would be busy in their books? No, the kids always copy their parents and the very first step to make your kids listen to you is to lead by example. Make yourself available for your kids, or else, you would lose them very soon.

Besides, you need to make your home more interesting than the virtual world. While you are free, do something special, cook new dishes at home, be your kids’ friend when they play with their toys, read out story books to your kids instead of asking Alexa or Google Assistant to do it, try to eat every meal of the day with your kids.

You cannot expect the kids to offer you time in your old age when you do not offer them time in their young age. It’s a two-way street and you reap as you sow.



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