MediaTek 5G vs Qualcomm 5G: The Better Player In 2022 and Ahead

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There is a constant tussle among smartphone enthusiasts about the effectiveness and efficiency of two of the biggest smartphone processor competitors — MediaTek and Qualcomm. Both companies have captured half the market when it comes to the supply of chipsets needed to produce smartphones across all price ranges. Qualcomm is famously known for carrying out the Snapdragon series chipsets, whereas MediaTek is exponentially rising with its Helio and Dimensity series chipsets, which are for the 4th generation and 5th generation networks, respectively.

A few years back, people used to ask questions like “Why is MediaTek Bad?”. However, things have taken an upside down turn these days and read along to know the reasons.

MediaTek vs Qualcomm 5G

MediaTek is becoming quite a rage among smartphone lovers as it renders an immaculate gaming experience and smooth day-to-day activities at a feasible price. Recent market reports have shown that more people have inclined towards MediaTek due to its easy viability and reach among the masses. In this article, we will dig deeper into the nitty gritty of two of the best chipset suppliers and analyze which one is the better player in the 5th generation segment.

What Are The Features of MediaTek Dimensity 5G Chipsets?

MediaTek through its Dimensity series which are specially designed for 5G networks promises to take the smartphone experience a notch higher. The Dimensity 5G chipsets offer high-end photography and videography along with an immaculate gaming experience without any lag or drop in connectivity. Let’s dive into the detailed overview of the numerous MediaTek Dimensity chipsets ideal for the 5G network.

a) Advanced 5G Capabilities

MediaTek’s Dimensity chipsets come across with an integrated 5G modem that not just enhances the performances of the smartphones but manages the power consumption too. The Dimensity chips are equipped with dual 5G technology for better battery life and connectivity. MediaTek ensures that through its advanced 5G capabilities

MediaTek 5G vs Qualcomm 5G

b) MediaTek Imagiq

MediaTek focuses a great deal on its camera support which is always a treat for all smartphone enthusiasts who look for high-end camera quality in a budgeted phone. Through this technology, MediaTek allows users to stream through up to 3 cameras simultaneously. The MediaTek Imagiq technology also lets you take astonishing pictures even in low-lighting situations.

c) MediaTek HyperEngine Technology

There is a reason gamers love MediaTek Dimensity chipsets and that’s because of its HyperEngine technology that tremendously elevates the gaming performance. MediaTek boosts the gaming sessions seamlessly so that gamers playing on a Dimensity chipset always remain way ahead of their competitors. The HyperEngine technology manages battery capabilities in ways that render maximum power consumption even during playing a heavy game.

d) Robust MediaTek APU

MediaTek Dimensity chips are known to carry their own in-house AI processing units that endow better camera performance, gaming experience, digital assistants, and security essentials along with other regular apps. Users can expect elevated performance with maximum effective performance as one can use their smartphones seamlessly even during longer use, and shorter battery life.

e) MediaTek Miravison

Another great aspect of MediaTek Dimensity chips is how much they emphasize the displays. MediaTek Miravision technology allows customers to experience high-resolution full HD+ displays teamed with faster refreshing rates that increase the performance of the smartphone and save tremendously on the battery as well.

f) Latest Connectivity

In the age of 5G, MediaTek Dimensity chips are integrated with the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Customers can be assured of experiencing minimum lags and zero connection drops.

g) MediaTek’s Powerful CPUs and GPUs

One can never go wrong with MediaTek’s integrated CPUs and GPUs that enhance mobile performance tremendously. They also help in saving ample battery when heavy usage is incurred, so that the battery doesn’t drain out instantly. Gamers would surely experience high frame-rate gaming even while playing top-quality games.

What are The Features of Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G Chipsets?

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 5G mobile platforms should have relatively similar features but there is always a bit of difference in the performance. Let’s browse through the following features to know if Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets are any different from MediaTek’s Dimensity 5G range.

a) Faster Data Speed

Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G chipsets are known to extend unparalleled data speed. Not just that, Qualcomm also proclaims to render stable connections to its users along with wireless consistency.

b) Expanding 5G Coverage

Qualcomm also mentions that with its Snapdragon 5G processors it aims to facilitate its customers with excellent signal quality both indoors and outdoors. However, the fact that MediaTek Dimensity chipsets coming with similar features are available at a lower price, it would be interesting to see how people react to it.

c) Global Roaming Reach

Along with relentless power efficiency, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 5G mobile platforms support 5G connectivity at innumerable places with the support of spectrum frequency and cellular modes.

d) Longer Battery Life

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets are equipped with advanced technology that optimizes wireless transmission and in response gets signal on your smartphones which minimizes power consumption and gives longer battery life.

Why are Customers Inclined Towards MediaTek Over Qualcomm?

In 2020, MediaTek surpassed Qualcomm as the biggest smartphone processor supplier. With the sudden spike in mid-range smartphones, more and, more companies are preferring MediaTek to Qualcomm. As per recent market reports, a massive section of smartphones under Rs.40,000 harbor MediaTek chipsets. Not just that, with the introduction of a 5G network across the country, MediaTek processors with their dynamic features and accentuated performance are gradually becoming an ideal choice for users.

Another reason that most customers are inclined towards MediaTek is its economic feasibility. Smartphone enthusiasts who keep changing their devices with changes in technology prefer relatively cheaper options with updated features. MediaTek seems to have taken up the challenge of delivering exactly what the user desires. The MediaTek chipsets are not just the next best option anymore. With the introduction of its Dimensity lineup, the company has carved a long way in the sphere of 5G smartphone processors. Many experts believe that Qualcomm is slowly becoming less relevant in the mid-range smartphone category, which is inevitably high in demand by customers. However, there is a significant range of smartphones that still use Snapdragon chipsets for a section of customers.

As per recent market reports, MediaTek’s market share gains have been tremendous as compared to the previous years. Although both companies are dominant players in the market, One of the reasons for MediaTek’s rapid growth is deemed to be the introduction of mid-range smartphones that are dynamically teamed up with 5G. Apart from that, MediaTek, with its Dimensity range, has started to supply the chipsets to Chinese smartphone companies. Even though both Qualcomm and MediaTek companies are the biggest suppliers of smartphone processors, MediaTek has witnessed tremendous growth over the years.

5 Reasons Why MediaTek Chipsets Outsell Snapdragon

It’s already been established that MediaTek is exponentially gaining ground in the market. However, it’s interesting to note that many previous Snapdragon users are shifting to MediaTek too. Let’s skim through the five top reasons why MediaTek chipsets are gaining popularity by the day.

a) Better Performance

MediaTek Dimensity chipsets are new-age processors that are embedded with cutting-edge technology that supports 5G speed along with an enhanced gaming experience. MediaTek’s Dimensity chipsets are also equipped with advanced octa-core CPUs and Arm Mali-based GPUs.

b) Feasible Price

MediaTek’s chipsets are popularly known to give opportunities to device-makers to come up with reasonably priced smartphones without compromising on the features. The MediaTek Dimensity processor is a significant add-on in the age of 5G.

c) Enhanced Gaming Experience

The MediaTek Dimensity chipsets have given a new life to gamers who were devoid of immaculate gaming experience due to high-priced gaming smartphones. The new 5G chipsets come with an integrated MediaTek HyperEngine technology making the smartphones extra power efficient and keeping the gamers always ahead of their competitors.

d) Immaculate Display Capability

Many users believe, one can never go wrong with MediaTek Dimensity chipsets when it comes to experiencing seamless display capabilities as MediaTek’s MiraVision boosts the viewing experience for the customers. MiraVision technology helps tremendously while streaming videos.

e) Integrated 5G Technolgy

The MediaTek Dimensity chipsets are powered by dual 5G SIM, sub -6GHz carrier aggregation power efficient technologies. It facilitates a powerful smartphone experience for customers.

f) MediaTek APUs

The reason more and more people are drifting towards MediaTek could very well be its in-house AI Processing Units that inherently elevate camera capabilities, enhance gaming performance and boost displays, security, and digital assistants tremendously.

g) 5G Open Resource Architecture

The MediaTek chipsets are designed to match up with everyday lifestyle choices. To do so, MediaTek has associated with the big smartphone makers across the world to make the features even more customizable as per users’ needs and convenience.

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 5G


The more one dissects the two giant 5G chipset suppliers — MediaTek and Qualcomm — the easier it gets to comprehend that most smartphones across all price ranges resort to these two companies for processors. However, customers are gradually turning to MediaTek due to its reasonable price range and easy accessibility. It’s interesting to note that MediaTek is capable of delivering astounding 5G-supported chipsets with constant improvements and updates. Whereas, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon with improvements comes at an exorbitant price that is eating up its mid-range smartphone section.



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