Motorola One Macro: A Budgeteer’s Best Bet at a Premium Macro Camera

Abhishek Kumar
4 min readJan 13, 2020


With an initial retail price of Rs. 9,999, Motorola’s new brainchild, Motorola One Macro is the sixth addition to its line of Motorola One series. After hitting the bulls-eye with the previous iterations of Motorola One Series focusing on budget-friendliness, battery efficiency and massive storage, Motorola’s prime target this time around is appeasing its camera-centric audiences by providing the best macro camera at a budget price.

Triple Camera Functionality with 5x Zoom-in Macro Lens

A brilliant 13 MP rear camera, 2 MP macro vision lens and 8 MP front camera — this holy trinity of camera setups, coupled with the 2MP depth sensor and laser autofocus allows fast-paced clicking of crisp images. Motorola One Macro placates our inner photographer through its novelty feature of 2MP Macro lens that captures a 5 times magnified image of your subject even as close to 2 cm, without compromising on image quality. The Portrait mode and blur effect gives the feel of professionally-clicked DSLR photographs while the auto-smile capture and smart composition features give you a taste of the advanced AI technologies that Motorola is tapping into.

Macro Photo Samples

Solid Built, Massive Display and Refreshing Hues

Though weighing a solid 186 g, the phone doesn’t feel hefty in size and allows a snug hold. The 6.2 inches display with 720 x 1520 pixel and 19:9 aspect ratio display provides you a transcending video experience. The phone is available in two color palettes: Space Blue and Ultra Violet, which is a breath of fresh air in the sea of whites, blacks and rose golds flooding the market at the moment.

Motorola One Macro has a classic teardrop cut on the front glass panel. The glossy plastic back, however, leaves us wanting for something better as it easily collects fingertip imprints and smudges overtime. However, the sapphire tinge of the body and the complimentary back cover mask them pretty well so that they remain largely unnoticeable. The fingerprint sensor is positioned in a well-accessible location and functions swiftly. The phone body is sturdy yet tastefully designed to avoid any unnecessary friction with the lens, keeping it scratch-free.

A Nimble Interface with a Massive Store-house

This AI-powered beast is a millennial’s best friend as it features MediaTek Helio P70 chip technology (12nm), 2.0GHz Octa-core processor and Mali-G72 900Mhz GPU that ensures zero latency while switching between multiple apps and simultaneously opened tabs. MediaTek Helio P70 SoC is the vital ingredient here that ensures smooth frame transitions and longer battery life without thermal issues, even in an over-worked state, after continuous use for long, exhausting time spans. Helio P70 has figured out the sweet balance between a top-notch photography experience, speedy interface and buttery gameplay without compromising on battery efficiency. Motorola One Macro functions on the tried and tested Android™ 9 Pie Operating System which reduces any process response.

It has an in-built storage of 64 GB, expandable up to 512 GB with micro SD card support which makes downloading songs, movies and videos a breezy experience. The non-removable Lithium-Polymer 4000mAh battery facilitates an uninterrupted gaming experience that keeps you afloat till 2 days. The 10W fast-charger allows a quick battery re-boost in no time. The audio features are top-notch in quality and easily perceivable in a loud or busy environment due to its noise-canceling features.

If we are getting picky, one of the cons of Motorola One Macro is the Hybrid dual nano-SIM mechanism which permits only 2 Nano SIMs or 1 Nano SIM along with a microSD card — it cannot house the three of them together simultaneously. It lacks in-built apps for making memos, call-recording and audio-recording.

Gauging all the merits and demerits, the verdict still falls in favor of Motorola One Macro. Motorola is renowned for its impeccable style profile that outperforms the price bracket it falls in. A budget phone need not necessarily feel like one and Motorola One Macro is a prime example of a premium phone within a budget.



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