My Favourite Childhood Cartoons: A Nostalgia

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readJan 25, 2020


Though we have grown a bit old, the child inside us is intact and waits for moments to show its presence. And one of these instances is when you view an image or a small video clipping of your favourite cartoon from the childhood and it suddenly revives the old you.

I was in love with the cartoons and could watch my beloved ‘Cartoon Network’ the entire day without getting bored. No food, no tension, not studied, doesn’t matter; the cartoons shouldn’t get missed for the day.

So here is a list of some of my favourite cartoons that kept me glued to the television the entire day long:

· Tom and Jerry: There isn’t a child from the old generation or now who isn’t acquainted with Tom and Jerry. The duo of cat and the mouse had the least to speak but kept the children and even the adult completely lured with their comedy skills. I still watch Top and Jerry quite often though I have watched every episode at least 50 times.

· Scooby Doo: Scooby Doo, the coward dog with his coward friend Shaggy and brave nephew scrappy were a good source of entertainment with their group of detective friends. Do you remember them?

· Swat Cats: The duo of cats who drove this fighter plane and a bike to kill the attackers were truly very amazing. I follow them on YouTube still.

· Justice League: Though this is remembered as a movie, I like the group of friends with supernatural powers who fought against the villains and were keen to save the world.

· Dexter’s Laboratory: The genius young boy who had a laboratory of his own at such a young age and his sister Dee Dee who kept spoiling his experiments was again a mesmerizing event.

· Powerpuff Girls: Small girls but extremely powerful and were capable of defeating any big a villain who attacked their city. Remember Mojo Jojo?

· The Roadrunner Show: No matter how hard he tried, the Coyote was unable to catch the Roadrunner who slipped out of his hands even when he tried so hard.

· Shinchan: This show was a rage. Just a small 5-year old kid with flirting skills of a 30-year old guy was a centre of attraction for almost all the kids of my age. I loved the group of Shinchan.

· Pokemon: Believe it, I never missed even a single episode of Pokemon till 5 years after it hit the television. I was really crazy about it and collected lots of Pokemon goodies too.

· Bob- The Builder: The very talented architect-cum-Civil-Engineer who had his own set of building machinery which could talk. Bob and Wendy were really very talented.

· Oswald: Remember the big old blue octopus with his small dog Weenie, the sunflower Daisy and the penguin Henry? How good they were.

· Noddy: The small guy who had his own house, car and could fly an aircraft. I still wish to become a Noddy someday.

· Pingu: Those group of penguins who spoke an unknown language but were really very entertaining.

Though there were a lot more, I would write about them in some other post. Do not forget mentioning your favourite childhood cartoons in the comment box. See if they match mine.



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