My Review of MIB 4: A Big Disappointment

Men in Black: International, a new edition to the Sci-Fi comedy came as a big disappointment. Honestly, I am a very big Chris Hemsworth fan and never expected this from him or his movies. Well, I don’t think it is his fault, the poor script and bad direction are to blame. The dire writing makes it intensely tiresome.

If compared with the first film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, it is absurd and wild. Yet it has an intriguing theme that revolved around humans protecting and offering for aliens on Earth.

Liam Neeson and Chris Hemsworth effectively replace Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, this time around, Tessa Thompson is added to the mix to break the gender stereotype of the black-clad.

In a similarly sober spirit, this MiB tackles the idea of aliens as migrants who are not necessarily to be attacked, however, this notion goes nowhere and the film can find no way to handle it as anything other than a difficult complicating factor. Thompson herself, usually a charismatic performer who was stylish and amusing last year in Boots Riley’s satire Sorry to Bother You, now have the life squeezed out of her by this wearying film.

The story walks slowly through an uninteresting series of permutations and CGI detonations which were not needed I believe. The “International” of the title means that you will travel New York to London and Marrakesh, although the trio’s appearance in each destination could as well have been achieved via a green screen. As I told earlier, both script and direction mean that the spark is missing, and Thompson has no real chance to shine here.

Tech Lover, traveller and a passionate writer.

Tech Lover, traveller and a passionate writer.