Myths About Paranormality: Lessen Your Fear

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readFeb 1, 2020

Your heart may experience a mini attack when you are alone at home and hear something falling in the next room. Who’s there when you are alone? But it could be a rodent or some animal such as a cat. Besides many things could get disturbed by the wind and ghosts would have other tasks to do than disturbing you in the middle of the night.

Like these, there are lots of other myths or misconceptions relating paranormal activities and here are some of these:

· Paranormal Means Ghostly

This is one of the biggest myths that the people possess. If there’s a paranormal activity, there’s some ghost or a spirit. No, paranormal doesn’t mean that. In fact, paranormal means something that is beyond science or something which has no evidence in the scientific researches.

Due to this, it could be a normal natural activity as well.

· Paranormal Activities Happen at Night

People believe that spirits fear lights and this is why most of the paranormal activities happen at night. There is nothing true in this. Spirits exist everywhere and every time, even in bright day light and even in a room full of guests. If they wish to trouble you, even the group of people would not be too helpful.

So be cool as the spirits do not wish to trouble anybody and demonly spirits are very rare.

· Very Old Buildings are Haunted

Again, people would not buy an old house or resist going to an old space which has remained closed for quite some time. Reasons? There could be ghosts and spirits in there.

No, this is not a very likely phenomenon.

· Ghosts Could be Aliens

If you believe that ghosts are green-coloured aliens which come riding their flying saucer from space, this is again a misconception.

· Paranormal Elements Would Spoil Your Business

This is not to scare you, but paranormal activities happen at all the places and at all the time. This happens not to trouble you but they might be minding their own business.

And this is why if somebody tells you that there are active spirits which are spoiling your business, do not believe them. They could be looking to extort money out of you.

While some people assert that they have experience paranormal activities, some people do not believe it all. As per me, even if you experience something like this, you should “respectfully ignore” the things and not try to research too much. The more you do, the more you trouble yourself.

And believe it, paranormal activities are not meant to trouble any person.



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