Pepper — The Robot who Emotes!

One thing that we have desperately wanted in a robot is to be able to be expressive. Infact it is the emotional aspect is an important factor that differentiates us from robots. Guess what, Pepper, the humanoid robot has crossed that boundary. Sounds dreamy ? But its 100% true.

Pepper is the pioneer invention by SoftBank Robotics among humanoid robot who is capable of recognising the principal human emotions and adapting his behaviour to the mood of his interlocutor.

To say it in laymen terms, Pepper is a humanoid companion robot who can process and understand various principle emotions like sorrow,content, anger and astonishment. The wholesome combination of this information enable Pepper to make out weather the person interacting with him is in a good or bad mood and this interpretation helps make it react accordingly.

Talking about its physical appearance, firstly it has 3 multi-directional wheels enable him to move around freely through 360°, at a maximum speed of 3 km/h. Secondly, Pepper is equipped with a high capacity lithium-ion battery, giving him approximately 12 hours of autonomy. In addition it has, two high-resolution cameras as well as a 3D camera enabling him to effectively understand his environment. The images are processed by shape recognition software capable of identifying faces and objects.

However its USP are its 4 prime features that helps it score in EQ and at the same time makes it unique. Firstly Pepper can analyze behavior, learn and make personalized responses. Secondly its gestures are extremely expressive. Pepper is programmed to use what Gelin calls “social movements” and respond differently depending on whether a person is happy or sad. Thirdly, Pepper can be used as a “telepresence.” An iPad mounted to its chest makes Facetiming with the person fairly simple.

Lastly and the best aspect Pepper can be used as the hub as a new interface for all of those devices in your home.

I personally love Pepper. Do you? Comment Below.



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