PUBG Lite Beta: Are You Ready To Download It?

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readJul 6, 2019

It’s not an exaggeration if we say that PUBG has millions of fans around the world. And if you talk about its popularity in India, the numbers are nothing less.

And if you are an ardent PUBG fan, now you have good news to welcome. It’s time to download the new PUBG Lite Beta which has finally arrived in India and is available for you to download.

This game went through a pre-registration beta testing and went live last month. As of now, the servers have finally been finalized and for PUBG Lite Beta players in India.

What’s New In PUBG Lite Beta?

Wondering what’s new in PUBG Lite Beta?

Well, you would be glad to know that the game received a new update where you would see some changes in the flare gun behaviour, you get added new vehicles and there are hordes of other changes too.

Besides, PUBG has kept track of the Indian players and has added the Hindi language support, changing a lot of its UI elements to Hindi script.

How To Download PUBG Lite Beta:

In order to download PUBG Lite Beta, you need to visit the official PUBG Lite Website and tap on the download button.

When you do so, it will download a .exe file of size 64.1MB which could be installed to add PUBG launcher into your computer.

Once this is done, the server will prompt you to download the extra game file which is of size 2GB. In addition to this, you need to install some program files including Microsoft Visual C++, DirectX 11 and updated .NET Framework.

Besides, if you wish to download Intel, Nvidia, or AMD Radeon Drivers, these too could be downloaded from the same source.

New players may need to create a PUBG account, but if you are already registered, the account created at the time of registration can be used. Once the game is installed, you are good to play it.

If you are pre-registered for the game you can get a black scarf, punk glasses, and bloody combat pants as bonus pre-registration reward besides the assured Tiger M416 gun and Cheetah parachute skin event rewards.

PUBG Lite: System requirements (minimum and recommended)

Here are the official system requirements if you wish to try the game in your PC:

Minimum System Specs:

· Windows 7, 8, or 10 64bit

· Intel Core i3 2.4GHz


· Intel HD Graphics 4000

· 4GB disk space

Recommended System Specifications:

· Windows 7, 8, or 10 64bit

· Intel Core i5 2.8GHz


· AMD Radeon HD7870 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 660

· 4GB disk space

So go and download the PUBG Lite Beta and do not forget to share your experiences.



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