Ranveer Singh’s Naked Photoshoot Strikes Controversy

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readJul 22, 2022

How far can you go for money? Well, some people go really, really far and some of them stoop low as well. I have no idea about what to call this work of Ranveer Singh, but his NAKED photoshoot for Ashish Shah of ‘Paper’ magazine has offered him a lot of footage.

According to reports, Ranveer Singh did this naked photoshoot because he really liked the idea and said that he is ready to bare it all in front of a thousand people, even if it makes them uncomfortable.

We all know that Ranveer Singh is one of the actors who do not care about what people think about them. His clothes have always been a point of discussion in the media and his energy, in any event, is absolutely unmatchable.

However, this time, there are no clothes and absolutely no energy as well. He just has his bare body in various poses, with most of his private parts hidden. Of course, you would not wish to see his private parts, but I think Ranveer Singh is the kind of actor who, if gets money, will not be hesitant in showing everything he has.

We have seen him in several events being very close to Karan Johar as if they have had some kind of a relationship and it would not be a surprise if he declares that he is bisexual. However, his bare images have taken the internet by storm and this is a point of discussion among people.

Personally, I believe people should only enjoy these things and not take them to their heart. We all know that he is an actor and he is just acting in those photos. Whether or not he wears any clothes is his wish and the world has moved way forward in the current period that minding about things like these.

Ranveer Singh knows how to get the attention of the media and people and he is not concerned about having clothes on his body. He publicly declared that he sleeps naked and if he walks out naked of his bedroom in front of everyone, I don’t think it should offend people.

He is working and getting money for it. And people are earning money by making stories and creating controversies about him. So when everyone is getting benefits through his acts, why get offended by them.

And this is not the first time some actor got naked in front of a camera. Many male actors and even females go completely bare time and again and this is just a publicity stunt. They get money for it and live happily.

The general masses who have nothing to do create controversies and try to get some benefits out of it. And then there are some people who just look at these pictures and wish they were shooting these photos of Ranveer. Lol.

Will you ever do such a thing if you get a lot of money for it or get something that you always wished for?



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