Reframing The Actual Reality With Augmented, Virtual & Mixed One Too!

Its all about the technology we have been surrounded by. We keep on counting the innovations which bring ease to easily prospect our reality, but some innovations happen to be great which makes us reframe our reality and live it in a different way. Augmented reality, Virtual reality and Mixed reality are the technologies which offer us the other side of the real world, in a creative manner.

Three years back we were introduced to Pokémon Go, maybe the first game which brought AR to us. This exciting game made us understand what actually AR means. AR is basically a digital platform with various aspects which connects the digital world to the real one. Similarly, while playing the game, we can experience various mons appearing around us. We can see them appearing live with the help of the camera of our smartphones and applications supporting the feature say, ARcore etc. This helps in bringing out the relation between two worlds or maybe the part of living two worlds simultaneously. We all in our daily lives come across the feature of AR presented in Snapchat filters. Getting those dog ears and the tongue sliding out of your face is all the virtue of AR technology to Snapchat.

Apart from AR, VR is presented in a matter that we get a total cut-off from our real world and enhance the details of the virtual world offered to us by VR devices. In VR we are put into an imagined environment which we want to live, it could be a dense forest or you playing a cricket match for ‘real’. The devices which we can opt for this purpose are HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, which immerse experience and for a time you are into another real-world dealing with all the stuff of that place. Virtual Reality by its name can be clear of what sort of experience you will be getting off that; such experiences are meant to be improvised by the time the technology evolves itself.

Speaking of the tech evolutions, Mixed Reality is introduced stating that we can even experience AR & VR altogether. Well, clearing the confusion, we have a side of physical world of features overlapping with AR technology and the other side is the whole new digital world which separates us from the physical world with the help of VR technology, between these the evolution which brings overlapping feature presented physically into the environment is what MR actually does. It is being done by various transmission devices which can bring any environment to be experienced in reality.

Such technological advancements are viewed as very minutely and are accepted only on the basis of usefulness. They are mainly opted by the game developers as the gamers always look for anything new, presented to them with innovation and must satiate their demands of playing games. Even developers never miss any chance of connecting their game to such tech innovations, no matter they have to relate it with any device supporting the technology. It's up to gamers whether they want to enjoy or not, if they do then they have to get the supporting device unless rest is fine too.

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